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Resume services dallas

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Résumé Packages

Most of our business is dedicated to the job seeker. We offer résumés and other documents such as cover letters, follow up letters..

Long Distance Projects

We provide services for clients located in Dallas, as well as out of town. Although it is our preference to talk with you in person.

MBA Papers

We won't do your homework for you, but we will edit and provide rewriting services on papers that you have written..

Welcome to Corporate Ladder

Corporate Ladder provides professional and dynamic résumé writing and coaching services

Corporate Ladder is a Dallas résumé writing service dedicated to the needs of business, since 1984. Our clients tend to be very successful in their job searches with our resumes in hand. In fact, over 50% of our business is referral.

We offer a free 30-minute résumé consultation, during which time we will ask a few questions about your background and discuss your future.

Writers: 20+ years of Human Resources Management Experience

Member, Dallas Better Business Bureau

We offer a free 30-minute résumé consultation, during which time we will ask a few questions about your background and discuss your future. If we decide to work together, we will conduct an in-depth interview to evaluate your work history, assess goals, and market your achievements in a professional manner.

After 20 years in the résumé writing business, there is nothing that we haven’t heard before. You may think your career issues are unique, but I can promise you, we have heard them before. online resume writing services With the knowledge that “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”, our résumés are well-crafted packages of academic credit, career experience, and professional accomplishment, detailing your potential as a major contributor to any organization.

As a result of their experience on “both sides of the desk”, our writers develop powerful, positive, and impressive résumés that pique the interest of potential employers. They are aware of current trends, buzz words, and effective marketing strategy. A résumé is much more than just a grouping of dates and job titles, it reflects a tone…a demeanor…a personality…a sense of worth. It is very difficult to write an accurate, encompassing and spirited résumé about yourself. The first rule of résumé writing is, “do not include everything, just every important thing”. But which is which?

Unless you are rhetorically-gifted and human resource-wise;

as they say at the magic shows,

Professional Résumé Writing and Career Coaching Services

Monday Friday, By Appointment Only 9:30 to 5:00

Saturday and Sunday, Closed

personal checks, and cash.

Corporate Ladder Résumés

14683 Midway Rd., Ste 272 Addison, TX 75001

Yellow Brick Path



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Exec Resume/Bio/LI

Board of Directors

Career Coaching

Professional Resumes

Director and Vice President Special

… or those aiming to be one in their next role

Includes: High impact resume development in personal interactive working sessions, resume in three formats (MS Word, PDF, unformatted/.txt), cover letter design, LinkedIn profile creation/update, LinkedIn headshot review, and our 240 page book of essays Be Smart:Sail Past the Hazards of Conventional Career Advice

“The feedback on my resumes has been incredible. One top executive told me that he has seen thousands of resumes, and this is one of the best he has ever seen. It just screams added value!” Sports Media General Manager

Best-in-class resume and LinkedIn profile

Call Paula 214.526.8690

Contact us now to schedule.


Resume and Bio Services in person or by phone for executives including career management coaching nationwide. Resume services are provided by career coaches with deep business and resume writing expertise and recruiting experience. Our professional resume writers are known for their expertise in difficult or challenging resumes. Our professional resume & executive resume services help clients create high impact resumes that align with the market, set them apart from their peers, and show case their talents.


Career Coaching services facilitate strategy and plans for lifetime career management, internal promotions, market visibility, and bios. Our career coaching guides clients in organizing and executing a job search, working with recruiters, and interviewing.

Professional Executive Resume Writing Services by Yellow Brick Path serving the following regions: Dallas, Ft. Worth, Plano, Carrollton, North Dallas, Arlington, McKinney, Allen, Frisco, Irving, and Richardson Texas – and nationwide.

North American Excellence Award

Best Career Coaching Firm

Yellow Brick Path has been named the Best Career Coaching Firm – Texas and received an award for Excellence in Lifetime Career Management 2018 by US Business News.

A thank you to all whose feedback helped us get noticed.

Your Resume’s ROI

The CEO of an online job search community was asked if job seekers should have their resumes professionally written. He said “The answer is a resounding YES!”

The average compensation of our members is $180,000 with an average tenure of 5 years. That makes the value of the next job $900,000. If you were marketing a product worth nearly $1 million in revenue, would you write the advertising copy yourself? Not likely. So why would you write your resume without professional assistance?”

Our Latest Books


Sail Past the Hazards of Conventional Career Advice

Available in paperback, Kindle, and Spanish editions.

Everything you’ve been doing could be wrong! The authors have helped hundreds of clients unravel all sorts of messes that have resulted from bad advice, much from seemingly expert sources. This collection of substantive yet entertaining essays challenges assumptions and shakes the trees of conventional wisdom with advice that is straightforward, intuitive, and easy to apply.


A Comprehensive Guide for Modern Career Coaching

In today’s coaching environment, professional coaching frequently involves career coaching. Often coaching engagements, especially in the business or executive arena, include helping clients figure out what to do with their careers, how to advance in a company, and how to conduct a job search.

This workbook is packed full of useful concepts and tools for successful career management coaching.

Would you like coaching along with the book?

There is a special offer available through Coach Academy International. You get the book along with assistance from the authors.

Read these books to get an edge during your career and job hunting

Click here for our recommendations!

Praise for Yellow Brick Path

“I hadn’t even considered updating my resume or getting ready for a job search effort in more than 20 years, so obviously I had both some trepidation and skepticism about this process. Not being in a state of immediate need made this investment a difficult decision initially. It shouldn’t have been. In fact, I should have done it sooner. My experience with you has resoundingly addressed my initial concerns. top rated resume writing services I am proud of the resume and bio we created together, and I also feel much more comfortable about where I am today and the prospects for an active search effort, when and if that time comes. I am more relaxed and confident as a result – and that benefits both myself and my current employer.” CEO, Medical Device Company

Latest from the Blog

Submitted for consideration in an article in the ATD publication CTDO that caters to executives in learning and development such as Chief Learning Officers Executive/c-level job search is different from job search by managers and professionals because it is still personal. Executive recruiters from Associate to Partner, for example, still talk with sources, prospects and […]

The murky waters of resumes based on transferable skills From time to time, my resume writers and I get contacted by people wanting to change fields or industries and ask for a version – or 2nd version – of their resumes based on transferable skills, hoping to get hired based on skills they have acquired […]

In working with executives who are interested in serving on Boards, I always have them try to find some descriptions of actual Board seats that are in play – perhaps “specs” from a recruiting firm handling a Board search or from the company’s Board selection committee. The descriptions are useful in aligning the candidate with […]

Resume services dallas

From excellent, quality service to our low prices. we are the right choice!

We have served people from all walks of life, including corporate executives and upper management, real estate professionals, salespeople, IT professionals, doctors, celebrities, tradesmen, educators, military, and government officials.

Our clients have come from many business sectors including the banking, insurance, construction, oil & gas, energy, and other industrial industries.

Are we familiar with your industry? You bet we are!

Our background includes a long history of close working relationships with global recruiters and HR professionals all interested in YOU. The majority of our business comes from referrals and repeat clients all over the country. We are proud to have so many satisfied clients!

Your resume is a reflection of you. You must be comfortable with it. We believe that you should never adapt your resume simply because someone else told you it had to be done a certain way. Resume layout and content are not exact sciences. What might be compelling to one person, may not get a second glance by someone else. Your resume is a marketing dossier and should attract the same positive attention from every reader.

You may be competing with a staggering amount of people for the same position. That’s a lot of resumes! Companies no longer rely on old fashioned methods to review candidates. Our society runs on saving time and technology. Most resumes are scanned for specific keywords by a reviewer or computer. Upon passing the keyword test, it’s passed on to an interviewer. If your resume is consistently tossed aside, it’s time for a better strategy.

Sound like a complicated process? It really is. We can un-complicate it.

If you are faced with an enormous amount of wordsmithing to uncover your relevant qualifications, we understand how tedious that can be. You must carefully and painstakingly choose keywords that are truly applicable to your background and the position you are seeking. Our staff of expert writers will identify your target objective, assess your skills, background, and accomplishments and then create an accurate portrayal of you. We communicate your background in a positive manner. We don’t change it, we promote it!

We can help you start from scratch or update your current resume.

In addition, we offer a professional evaluation of your current resume.

If you’re looking for a professional resume service that can take your career history, MAKE YOU LOOK GREAT, and charge a reasonable fee, look no further! The internet is filled with warnings and come-on’s. We offer you an honest service for a reasonable price. profesional resume Read our reviews!

We will deliver an impressive resume tailored specifically for the job you are seeking or a resume highlighting your qualifications, enabling you to present it for a variety of employment categories.

We deliver your resume via download in PDF, DOCX, and TXT formats, included are customized cover and thank you letters.

When you need a professional resume, we are your best choice. We know resumes!

Our service starts at $250.00. We require only a deposit to begin.


No visits are required! We welcome urgent cases!

Create your account and begin your interview anytime!

With the reeling economy and the resulting poor job market, we offer flat fees and require only a deposit befor/e we begin. The balance is due upon your approval of the draft. If you’re not satisfied, you pay us nothing more.

Thank you for your great work. I’ve worked in a family business almost all of my adult life and and have NEVER created a resume! I appreciate you making me look so good! Kelly L., Executive Assistant, Sherman Oil & Gas, Inc.

The resume was visually attractive and well laid out. After leaving a voice mail, I was promptly called back and walked through the process. Beverly used my old resume plus my hand written update and crafted a great resume that helped me land a new position. William R., Senior Bank Vice President, JPMorgan Chase Bank


Preferred by HR Professionals

While industries may differ, employers all share a common goal, which is to fill positions with the most qualified applicants. However unique your situation may be, we’ve written an enormous number of resumes since 1997. We are familiar with just about any conceivable situation and circumstance. We know what information to look for; where it needs to be strategically placed, and we possess the ability to fill in gaps with creative information you may never have considered.


We like to think we have re-invented the wheel when it comes to today’s resume writing process. Technology has allowed us to do some really incredible things, not to mention we have some pretty smart cookies behind us!

Your journey begins with an exclusive and pleasant interview process you won’t find anywhere else. You will never feel overwhelmed or feel like you may be missing something.

Take as much time as you need or simply provide a quick summary. We realize that each individual is different and we meet each need perfectly. You can log in anytime to check the status of your resume or communicate with your writer.

While our interview process may be a one-size-fits-all, our writing process is not. We are not a “résumé farm.” We do not “sub-out” our business. We employ only qualified, experienced, and confident writers. We do not use “cookie cutter” templates. Every resume is unique to each individual.

Beverly Daily, Owner

We take your future seriously because our future depends on you!



We offer a $25.00 Military, Police, Fire, and EMS discount.

We offer a 15% discount when you order 5 or more resumes. Use code MRO5.

Our Resumes meet Section 508 Compliance Standards.

Just a few of our clients:

Dallas Resume Service

Phone: (877) 789-5902 | (214) 432-4200

Resume Service, Resume Writers, Resumes

I am very pleased with the way my resume turned out. Thank you again. online essay editing services I know because of my numerous jobs and lack of a completely targeted direction it was not easy to put together.

Bernie T., Ethanol Trader

I must give credit where it is due. I am thoroughly pleased with my resume. You can be assured I will be recommending you to my friends and associates. Thank you for a job well done!

Thomas N., Corporate Training Manager

This is great! I love the additions & improvements – particularly the upgrades in the formatting.

Jeff W., English Teacher

Thank you for all the tips and advice. I enjoyed working with you and your team. I will recommend your services to anyone looking to update their resume. You have the cure-all for depression. I’m carrying my resume in my purse to remind me of how good I am! Thank you.

K. Mergist, National Sales Manager, Cox Research & Technology, Inc.

I am more than thankful that you spent the time you did on my resume. I can’t begin to tell you what an impression it made! I presented it at a job fair yesterday and I noticed that the people in front of me had their resumes placed in a pile, but several employers turned mine over and made notes on the back : ) Pretty sure it was all good because they told me the names of the people they were going to forward my resume to! My resume is being forwarded to local offices by several companies! This was well worth my time : ) A BIG THANK YOU!

Carol R.S., Physician Relations Associate

PERFECT! I had my rough draft reviewed by a professional recruiter. She was most impressed and has done a lot of interviewing over the years. Great job!

David C., Senior Vice President, Retail Operations, Supply Chain/Multi-Unit Operations

Looks good! I had to remember you were talking about me! Thank you so much for your service. I am so grateful to have found your expertise. I am sure that I will get multiple offers with the way you formatted my work experience. Thanks again.

Val K., Administration Coordinator, MAXIMUS

Once again, true professionalism. I will highly recommend your company.

Steve D., Public Assistance Debris Specialist, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Outstanding. Thank you very much. I am enclosing the “before” resume the other person did. See what a difference that you made!

Robin B., Medical Coder

Thank you so much for your assistance. I am already sending out the electronic copies. I will let you know what happens. Additionally, you can certainly count on my recommendations of your company. I am not only pleased with the work but also in how quickly it was expedited and of high quality. Thanks again.

Ray H., Director Sales & Marketing, Custom Travel

Thanks for doing such a wonderful job on my resume. I was skeptical at first that my years of government service could be transformed into a two page description highlighting my talents and accomplishments. This quickly faded away when I read your draft of my resume. It is outstanding and I am the envy of my colleagues, some of whom may soon be your clients!

Louis R., US Postal Inspector

YOU DID A GREAT JOB – THANKS. Thank you so much Beverly and Staff,

I sought your assistance in writing a Resume because I wasn’t sure what prospective employers were looking for in content and format. Your expertise and the product you provided will be of great benefit to me in my search for employment. We took a risk paying you in advance not knowing you personally in spite of your company being located so far away. The risk paid off because you provided me excellent service. resume writing services san diego My work background looks good on paper and I didn’t think that possible without a college degree, but you captured my experience over the years perfectly in the manner in which you featured those details on my resume. Now it’s up to me to present myself as a professional, capable of performing at the desired level. My thanks to all those who contributed.

Susan W., Investigator/Compliance Officer


We can help you find your ideal position, get hired with the best pay, and support you throughout your career! Don’t go it alone. Our recruiting service is absolutely free! Be sure to select the option in your interview!

Haskel Thompson & Associates is the leading executive search firm in the Oil and Gas/C-Retail industry serving a client base composed of independent jobbers and resellers, family-operated companies, top industry vendors, and Fortune 500 corporations. Haskel has literally placed thousands of million-dollar producers with hundreds of companies across North America and beyond…and continues to do so.

Talent Achievement Group is at the forefront of bringing a new openness, honesty, and transparency in healthcare recruiting to all of our candidates and clients. TAG’s approach and diligence to healthcare recruiting is recognized in a growing national presence across the US.


We offer a free spreadsheet to track your resume submissions. Download it here!

Gift Certificates

A resume is the perfect gift for the career-minded friend or family member! We all know the old saying, “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, but teach a man to fish and he will eat for life!” We believe in going one step further – and that is to provide the “fishing pole”. A professional desiring a change in career or a graduate just starting out in life has probably accomplished much, but now face the daunting task of constructing the pieces that makes it all come together.

What better way to say you care!

A gift certificate option is available in your cart.

Fast Support

Please read our FAQ’s to see if your question has been answered before contacting us.

Client Confidentiality

You’re safe with us! With identity theft at an all time high we know how important it is to safeguard your information. You can depend on complete client confidentiality!

100% Tax Deductible

Professional Resumes are 100% tax deductible!

Payment Methods

Our Guarantee

Dallas Resume Service guarantees your satisfaction.

We will work with you on your draft until you are satisfied. We go the extra mile for you because we believe you are our best form of advertisement.

We appreciate our referrals and strive to do our best for each of our clients.

Spread the Word!

© 2018 Dallas Resume Service. IMPRESSING EMPLOYERS SINCE 1997!

I will never forget the service your company provided for me. Simple, interactive and straightforward. I thank you again so very much.

Herman C., Business Development/Capture Manager, Logistic Resource Solution

Your resume opened the door! I was just hired by the department of Veterans Affairs. They increased my start salary from $77K to $85K! I have already spread the word among friends that Affordable Resume is the way to go! Thank you! Lorna G., Sr. Bank Examiner

Thank you, Thank you and THANK YOU!! I haven’t even opened the final documents yet. I had to reply to you immediately! You all have been a pleasure to work with (especially dealing with all of my emails) and I appreciate everything you have done. letter writing services You guys are amazing!! thank you for all of you hard work, time and effort. It’s been a pleasure working with you all. Please pass this email on to Miss Beverly.. I couldn’t stress enough to her of how greatful I was to be able to work with you all. Thank you again, Alyson H., Territory Sales Manager, KeHe Distributors

Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly. Wow, I read the first sentence of the profile, and that alone was worth every penny 🙂 It is very well written!!

Kallie D., Senior Representative, Project Management and Planning Operations, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

Let me begin by saying I think this will be the best money I’ve ever spent! Clearly attempting to do this on my own would have proven an exercise in futility, as I have no idea what I’m doing and your ability to encapsulate my skills and attributes into such succint statements is amazing, thank you for your help. Thank you again for all of your help, you’ve got an amazing gift! Steve W., Finance Manager/Sales Manager McCarthy Olathe Hyundai

Just wanted to let you know that I landed a great job from a company who saw my resume online. I wanted to thank you for a professional, well worth the cost job you did on putting it together but also to greatly thank you for the advice you gave me for using a new email in putting my resume out there. I was receiving around 50 emails per day, 99% of which were for jobs I would never consider. They arrived morning, noon and night non stop. When I accepted the position I was offered, all I had to do was take the new email off my phone and in an instant- ALL of that stopped. VERY good advice to give to your customers. Thank you again for all of your help. David B., All Lines Independent Catastrophe Field Adjuster

A Professional

. Writing your past,

Resume writing in Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas and the DFW Metroplex

“You Never Get A Second Chance To Make A Good First Impression!”

Since 1958, A PROFESSIONAL RESUME PLACE has helped over 350,000 Job seekers. From student/entry-level to Fortune 500 executive positions, we have helped start, advance, or change their career direction.

One of the Oldest Resume Writing Companies in the Metroplex — Since 1958!

Because each person has a unique set of skills and abilities, each and every resume is individually developed to maximize the marketability of these credentials. During our initial consultation, your targeted objective is defined, and career information is identified including key words, skills, responsibilities, and accomplishments. Long-distance interviews can be arranged.

We apply creative writing expertise and industry knowledge to formulate an initial draft that is effective, comfortable, and defensible. An accurate portrayal of your background is essential–not changing the facts about you and your history, only changing the way you communicate your background to achieve optimal results. blog content writing services Competition for quality positions is extensive, and the response to job postings can be overwhelming.

Your career lifetime earnings are valued between ONE and TEN million dollars! Conducting a job search is like marketing a multi-million dollar product–done ineffectively, your return on investment will be minimized.

A concise, well-conceived resume will make a significant first impression, open interview doors, and secure offers at higher salaries. A Professional Resume Place will assist you in differentiating yourself from the masses of other candidates in your field. Use our contact form, or call us today for a free phone consultation at (972) 242-7538.


1925 E. Beltline Road at Josey · Carrollton, Texas 75006

A Nationally Recognized Resumé Writing Service You Can Trust

Our Philosophy

At the heart of our company is the belief and the understanding that a resumé is much more than information neatly organized on a page. A winning resumé is actually a marketing tool that successfully promotes you. We create customized resumés that appeal to hiring managers and HR managers, so you get more calls for interviews. And with the help of our Interview Coaching sessions, you can feel confident that you’ll make the most of every interview opportunity.

Our Writers

Unlike other resumé writing companies, our resumé writers have industry-specific experience and expertise. We’ve worked for years writing resumés specifically in your industry and we’ll be able to establish that credibility with you before you purchase a resumé from us. We’ll also specifically explain the keywords and other crucial information that is needed for a resumé in your industry to ensure your resumé is filled with relevant content.

Our Quality Process

Our customized quality assurance process sets us apart from other resumé writing companies. Before your resumé is delivered, an experienced resumé writing expert who specializes in your industry will write your resumé; a content supervisor will review it; and finally a professional copy editor will review it. This three-step process ensures you receive a resumé that is truly unique, relevant, and professional.


I love the service I received from Perfect Resumé! About a year ago I had my resumé everywhere (even with a temp agency) and was getting little to no response. I worked with Perfect Resumé to revise my resumé and had a new job within 2 weeks! I’ve recommended Perfect Resumé to all of my family and friends.

I am the third member of my family to have successfully used Perfect Resumé services. I couldn’t believe how great my resumé looked! I started getting interview requests within the first two weeks and I’m happy to report that I received multiple job offers.

Our Process

A Customized Process that Sets Us Apart

Our Process Begins and Ends with You

At Perfect Resumé, we begin by taking the time to understand your background and career goals. If you have an existing resumé you’d liked to have revamped, we’ll go over the resumé with you to explain how we can make it better. We are happy to offer free resumé critiques to everyone. If you know you need to have a resumé created from scratch, we’ll explain all of the key information that is important to have on resumés in your specific industry.

A Customized Approach

After you place your order, we take a customized approach to gathering the information we need to create your resumé. Sometimes we’ll only need to gather information verbally, other times we might need to send you a resumé questionnaire to fill out; each situation is unique, and your resumé writer will advise you accordingly.

Industry-Specific Resumé Writers

Unlike many other resumé writing companies, Perfect Resumé uses a team of local resumé writers who specialize in specific industries. Why is this important? If a resumé writer doesn’t have specific industry experience, they won’t know what information to include on your resumé, or how to best present the information on your resumé. When you call Perfect Resumé, we’ll establish industry-specific credibility with you before you purchase.

Why Using a Local Company is Critical

It’s important to always work with a local company so that you know who’s writing your resumé. We pride ourselves on our accessibility and customer service and are always available to speak with you at any point throughout the resumé writing process. Have a question? Give us a call and we’d be happy to help. Plus, we guarantee that you’ll love your new resumé. If there is anything you don’t like about your resumé when you receive it, we’ll revise it for you until you are 100% satisfied with the final product. All of our resumés come with free revisions for up to 30 days after you receive it.

We’d also like to point out that Perfect Resumé is a local service, we write all of our resumés ourselves, and we never outsource any of our work.


I love the service I received from Perfect Resumé! About a year ago I had my resumé everywhere (even with a temp agency) and was getting little to no response. I worked with Perfect Resumé to revise my resumé and had a new job within 2 weeks! I’ve recommended Perfect Resumé to all of my family and friends.

I am the third member of my family to have successfully used Perfect Resumé services. I couldn’t believe how great my resumé looked! I started getting interview requests within the first two weeks and I’m happy to report that I received multiple job offers.

Resumé Development



(0-2 years of experience)

(2+ years of experience)

Management, Sales, Federal,

Military Transition, Career Change

(Engineering, Information Technology, Legal)

(Directors, Top Leaders, C-Level Executives)

Personal Marketing Services

LinkedIn Profile Revamp

Executive LinkedIn Revamp

(Directors, Top Leaders, C-Level Executives)

Interview Coaching Services

(30-minute phone session)

(pays for itself or your money back)

Additional Services

Thank You Letter

In-person Consultation or

In-depth Phone Interview

24-Hour Rush Service

72-Hour Rush Service

By making a payment it is understood that you have agreed to the following Terms & Conditions: click here for details.


I love the service I received from Perfect Resumé! About a year ago I had my resumé everywhere (even with a temp agency) and was getting little to no response. write my resume I worked with Perfect Resumé to revise my resumé and had a new job within 2 weeks! I’ve recommended Perfect Resumé to all of my family and friends.

I am the third member of my family to have successfully used Perfect Resumé services. I couldn’t believe how great my resumé looked! I started getting interview requests within the first two weeks and I’m happy to report that I received multiple job offers.

Resume services dallas

Dallas Resume Writing specializes in professional resume writing help with a focus on resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile writing. Take advantage of our resume expertise in a vast array of career and employment areas. Our writers prepare resumes for all jobs, positions and career situations.

We also offer executive resume help for clients in the Dallas area.

Our resume help specialists have expertise in:

Read more about our:

We are a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. Our services are provided by professional resume writers and credentialed career professionals with experience in a vast array of fields. Our clients include individuals, corporations and nonprofit organizations.

In addition, we are experts in developing powerful and effective LinkedIn Profiles. With LinkedIn fast becoming the most successful tool to finding jobs and candidates in today’s market, having a LinkedIn Profile is now critical for a successful job search. We will design an effective, web-friendly and network-ready LinkedIn Profile that’s ready for use as soon as you receive it.

Special rate on Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile combo packages. Please call for details.

Why clients prefer Dallas Resume Writing:

  • Our writers prepare resumes for all jobs, positions and career situations.
  • We do NOT use generic templates. Each resume is customized for your needs.
  • Resume specialists with expertise in a vast array of industries.
  • We make the process easy with convenient phone and email service.

Here is a sample of the many job and career areas for which we have prepared winning resumes:

We create resumes with immediate impact to draw the attention of busy employers. You need a resume that quickly conveys how you delivered value to employers – and that you can do so again. It’s that promise of value that gets you the interview. We organize experience, education, skills, achievements and accomplishments into powerful resume content that clearly demonstrates value in quantifiable terms.

In addition, we insert industry keywords for optimum recognition by employers’ computer scanning systems. For newcomers to the United States, we ensure experience, education, skills, achievements and accomplishments are organized and formatted to attract North American employers.

About Pricing and Payment Methods:

For pricing information, please call (469) 906-2106. For your convenience, we accept MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover, eCHECKs and PayPal.

Resumé Writing

LinkedIn Profiles

Get Results from a Nationally Recognized Service You can Trust

Why choose Perfect Resumé? We currently have a 95% success rate with our clients. In fact, Perfect Resumé’s success recently received national attention when we were featured on’s Remake America series.

Watch the story below to see how Perfect Resumé’s Phoenix office helped a salesperson who had been unemployed for 3 years get hired in less than 30 days.

Perfect Resumé Receives


I love the service I received from Perfect Resumé! About a year ago I had my resumé everywhere (even with a temp agency) and was getting little to no response. I worked with Perfect Resumé to revise my resumé and had a new job within 2 weeks! I’ve recommended Perfect Resumé to all of my family and friends.

I am the third member of my family to have successfully used Perfect Resumé services. I couldn’t believe how great my resumé looked! I started getting interview requests within the first two weeks and I’m happy to report that I received multiple job offers.

Contact Us

Call now 214-431-5296 for a free consultation. A Resumé Expert will answer any questions you may have and can share with you how we can revise your existing resumé to make it stronger or how we can create a winning resumé for you from scratch.

Address: 3131 McKinney Avenue, Suite 600, Dallas, TX 75204


I love the service I received from Perfect Resumé! About a year ago I had my resumé everywhere (even with a temp agency) and was getting little to no response. I worked with Perfect Resumé to revise my resumé and had a new job within 2 weeks! I’ve recommended Perfect Resumé to all of my family and friends.

I am the third member of my family to have successfully used Perfect Resumé services. resume writing services review I couldn’t believe how great my resumé looked! I started getting interview requests within the first two weeks and I’m happy to report that I received multiple job offers.

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