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University of Florida Undergraduate College Application Essays

These University of Florida college application essays were written by students accepted at University of Florida. All of our sample college essays include the question prompt and the year written. Please use these sample admission essays responsibly.

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College Application Essays accepted by University of Florida

An Eye-Opening Experience Josh Weiss

University of Florida

On November 18, 2000, a group of my friends and I returned home from my birthday dinner at a local steakhouse. Upon our arrival, it was suggested that we watch the movie Fight Club. As if it were meant to be, we discovered that Fight Club was to.

The Means By Which I Better My Community Josh Weiss

University of Florida

In order to contribute to a community of any size or structure, some aspect of said community must be made better. This can be something as simple as cleaning up refuse or as profound as changing the way people live their lives. Regardless of the.

Experiences and Personality Wes Neuman

University of Florida

Personal Statement Choice #1

Swimming has been the main focus of my life since I was 8 months old, when I first learned how to swim. In 1988, I was part of the Senate Safety Council on whether or not to teach infants how to swim. From learning how.

Individuality Anonymous

University of Florida

Essentially, individuality is a product of nature and nurture. I believe that one’s individuality, comprised of many factors, ultimately predicts their later success and influence. A product of my environment, my unique upbringing has affected my.

A loss that has changed me for the better Anonymous

University of Florida

I always looked forward to June 17, the birthday of my only living grandparent. Every year I spent the day composing corny jokes that made her to snort with laughter and murmur loving approval. But in 2002, in a matter of seconds, my associations.

Who I Am Salvador Bou

University of Florida

I credit the development of my personal values to my parents and culture. My parents were raised in Puerto Rico, where they became medical doctors. While my father came from a college educated family, my mother did not. Overcoming deep economic.

Running Child Anonymous

University of Florida

Although my tale is about a basketball player, it is not about a six-foot-eleven athlete whose name is splashed across the sports pages of daily newspapers and whose picture graces the tops of Nike and Adidas boxes. Rather, this is a story of one.

A Journey Through Perdition Hilary Jewel Lange

University of Florida

I stood on the ground where millions of innocent people perished. I walked into a gas chamber, and I walked out. I saw the scratch marks on the walls where people were clawing their way to the top, trying to get one last gasp of oxygen as the.

Crossing the Chasm Anonymous

University of Florida

A crowd of people forms at the entrance of the Eastside High School Gym. A five-foot-eleven, one-hundred-and-sixty-pound, curly-haired freshman shyly makes his way into the sea of faces. Today is tryouts for the Eastside basketball team. Eastside.

Finding Purpose Anonymous

University of Florida

We were inches from the edge; they were shouting “Dale la vuelta! Dale la vuelta!” (“Go around!”). Unless they moved their truck forward, we would plunge to our deaths, our tires were beginning to slip over the edge of the 2,000-foot cliff.

Pipo Sara Claro Piwko

University of Florida

I’ve lived with my grandparents all my life. My grandfather, whom I call “Pipo,” is like a father to me, and he is absolutely, no-doubt-about-it my favorite person in the world. He is intrigued by everything academic and has a photographic memory.

Warmth of a Smile Anonymous

University of Florida

My annual trips to Pakistan can be summarized with the use of a few basic words, including eating, sleeping, shopping, and complaining. If the car didn’t have a fully-operating AC system, I’d curse the people and their lack of technological.

A Modern Holocaust Anonymous

University of Florida

Countless books, documentaries, and museums recount the story of the Jewish Holocaust. Comparatively few people, however, have heard of the modern holocaust that took place in Indonesia twelve years ago in my hometown of Jakarta.

Family Builds Character Anonymous

University of Florida

I left my house on the first day of middle school wondering if I would fit in and if my iPod was fully charged. By the end of the day I was wondering if my mother would be alive by the time I got to seventh grade. I still vividly remember parts of.

Becoming One of Them Taylor Dougherty

University of Florida

Kicking rocks as I trudged down the windy path to my undesired destination, I heard my dad loading the obnoxious sounding cars onto the ramp. Every time I looked at the vehicle I was being forced to ride in, I couldn’t help but be embarrassed. My.

Spain Awaits Anonymous

University of Florida

I get off of the train into the piercingly cold winter morning, anxious, not knowing what to expect. “So who am I supposed to be looking for?” I think as I nervously scan my surroundings. After a draining 20 hour flight and train ride to get to a.

4'11 Forever Anonymous

University of Florida

When my mom gave birth to me, I weighed in at nine and a half pounds and measured twenty-two inches. One could say I was pretty big for a newborn, but whenever I tell this story, it is soon followed by a: “And that’s pretty much when I stopped.

My Life Jordan Williams

University of Florida

“Jooooorrrrddddannnnn,” my mom screamed with utter fear and panic in her voice. Surprisingly, amongst all of the chaos, her voice was all that I heard. I’m not sure if I was disoriented, bewildered or just in complete shock but at that particular.

Moving Forward Felipe Parodi

University of Florida

As the new student in my sixth grade English class, I was asked where I was from. “Where is your home?” a classmate inquired. As I opened my mouth to answer, I was struck by the sudden realization that there was no particular place that I was able.

The Backyard Anonymous

University of Florida

I remember when the flowers stopped blooming.

All throughout my childhood there was always one thing that would instantly make me happy. I had a beautiful backyard in my childhood home. The smell of the ripe red mango trees and the chirping of the.

Playground Andrew Elsakr

University of Florida

There was one playground not too far from my grandparents’ apartment in Cairo (the summer home of my childhood) where I wasn’t treated like the quirky, abnormal kid that I was used to being. It wasn’t your ideal picture of a playground, though.

The Good Life Nicole Relics

University of Florida

Warm, fluffy bread — because Romanians cannot eat any meal without it. Pillowy pumpkin spinach ravioli — a recipe my mother got from a chef in Italy in exchange for her strudel recipe. And apple pie — because the U.S. makes the best. This could.

St. Elmo's Fire Anonymous

University of Florida

As a child, I was obsessed with 80’s movies. I admired Ferris Bueller’s infectious charisma and fearless confidence. I dreamed of having my own Jake Ryan waiting outside the church, grinning an impish smile while standing by his cool red Porsche.

UF Butterfly Garden Gaitana Jaramillo

University of Florida

The University of Florida’s butterfly and moth exhibit houses more than 10 million variations of 10 million species! When I read that fact I couldn’t believe it. Each critter displayed in those glass cases is completely unique; now multiply that.

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Recent Questions about University of Florida

The Question and Answer section for University of Florida is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel.

New UF application essay question: What is the good life?

UF applicants will get a taste of freshman frustration when answering this year’s essay prompt: “What is the good life?”

Students first pondered this question when UF made What is the Good Life? a mandatory class in 2012.

The university is now expanding this theme from classroom discussions to the essay, which asks students to describe their idea of a good life.

But for some UF students, the question still remains unanswered.

“At the end of my good life class, my professor said, ‘I’m not so sure what the good life is,’” said Rebecca Vitkus, a 20-year-old UF English senior. “So does anyone really know?”

UF spokesman Steve Orlando said the prompt was chosen as a precursor to the course.

“It allows applicants to reflect on a question that all freshmen students have the chance to explore in the ‘What is the Good Life?’ course,” Orlando wrote in an email.

He also said the personal essay gives Admissions the opportunity to hear from students in a way not available through test scores or activities.

Bruno Paes-Leme, an 18-year-old UF biomedical engineering freshman, said exploring the good life is a way for students to embrace individuality.

“I appreciate that they recognize that none of us here are blank slates, but rather people who are full of rich cultures, ideas and aspirations, and that each of us have something of value to bring to the table,” he said.

For Stephanie Diaz, a 19-year-old UF health science sophomore, the prompt is too much to ask of high school seniors.

“I think it’s unfair to ask them at this stage in their life,” she said. “You don’t really know anything about life yet. I’d have no idea how to answer it.”

[A version of this story ran on page 4 on 9/18/2014 under the headline “New UF application essay”]

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Dates & Deadlines

Don’t be late for your future. All of the deadlines are published well in advance, so stay on target with your application materials.

Application Details

The application has many components that help us learn more about you. Review these details, begin your application process, and tell us how you can contribute to our Gator family.

Application Details

As a member of the Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success, the University of Florida uses the Coalition Application. Complete all sections of the Coalition Application, including the UF supplemental section, and submit it no later than November 15, along with the $30 nonrefundable application fee plus $5 processing fee or fee waiver.

Application Dates

  • The freshman application opens each year in August.
  • The application deadline is November 15.
  • Applications received after November 15 are accepted on a space-available basis, which is extremely limited.
  • The Student Self-Reported Academic Record (SSAR) is due by December 1.
  • Test scores should be received from the testing agency by December 15.

At UF , students may begin their first term of study during the summer or fall.In addition, students have the opportunity to enroll at UF during the spring and summer terms only throughout their UF career in Innovation Academy. On your application, please select your preferred term of entry — either summer or fall. If you wish to be considered for Innovation Academy, you will be asked to complete a short-answer question. While every effort will be made to accommodate your preferred term of entry, space limitations may result in admission to an alternate term, PaCE, or one of the state college partnership programs.

Application Sections

If you will claim Florida residency for tuition purposes, you will need to submit the Florida Residency Declaration. With very few exceptions, applicants younger than 24 years of age will need a parent or guardian to complete and sign the residency declaration to establish Florida residency. Claimants must provide proof of Florida residency as evidenced by a Florida driver’s license, vehicle registration and/or voter registration. Additional Information

You will be asked to submit one personal essay. The personal essay will allow the admissions staff to get to know who you are as a student. Your essay should be limited to approximately 2500 characters, including spaces.

2017-2018 Essay Topics

  • Tell a story from your life, describing an experience that either demonstrates your character or helped to shape it.
  • Describe a time when you made a meaningful contribution to others in which the greater good was your focus. Discuss the challenges and rewards of making your contribution.
  • Has there been a time when you’ve had a long-cherished or accepted belief challenged? How did you respond? How did the challenge affect your beliefs?
  • What is the hardest part of being a teenager now? What’s the best part? What advice would you give a younger sibling or friend (assuming they would listen to you)?
  • Submit an essay on a topic of your choice.

International Applicants

Student Self-Reported Academic Record (SSAR)

The SSAR is the self-reported transcript of your high school grades from 9th-11th and courses in progress for grade 12. The SSAR is required for all freshman applicants including applicants who have already graduated from high school. Please see the Exemptions tab for exceptions.

If you have met the November 15 deadline, submit and link the SSAR no later than December 1. Students who have applied after November 15 should submit and link the SSAR no later than March 1. If your SSAR is received after December 1, your application will be considered on a space-available basis.


Creating Your SSAR

After you have submitted your SSAR through the SSAR portal, you must link it to your UF application. To link your SSAR to your UF application, click the Check Application Status button. You must submit your application for admission before you will be able to check your status and link your SSAR to the application. From the status page, you will click on the SSAR link to link your SSAR to your application.

SSAR Portal

Click here to complete your SSAR.

International Applicants

International freshman applicants are required to submit secondary and college or university credentials from non-U.S. institutions to a credential evaluation agency for a course-by-course evaluation with grade point average calculation. Companies offering these evaluation services include:

  • Academic Evaluation Services
  • Educational Credential Evaluators
  • Josef Silny & Associates Inc.

If using the Josef Silny & Associates Credential Evaluation Application, please refer to the UF application on their site.

Test Scores

What’s Required

  • At least the following minimum scores in each section of the SAT will be required for students who submit the old SAT: SAT Critical Reading = 500, Mathematics = 460 and Writing = 440. Effective with the Fall 2018 entering class, the university will require the following minimum scores on the redesigned SAT: SAT Reading = 24, Writing and Language = 25, and Math = 24.
  • On the ACT, a minimum score of 19 on the Reading section and 19 on the Math section.
  • UF admissions does not have a preference for one exam over the other. We encourage you to take whichever exam suits you best. While UF will not mix scores from old and new versions of the SAT, we will consider the highest “subscores” from the same version of the SAT if you take the test multiple times. We will not mix or combine ACT subscores. If you choose to take both exams, we will consider whichever score is most competitive for admission.
  • Official test scores must be sent by the testing agencies to the Office of Admissions no later than December 15 for admission consideration. If your test scores are received after December 15, your application will be considered on a space-available basis.

The Redesigned SAT

International Applicants

Innovation Academy

The Innovation Academy (IA ) at UF is a groundbreaking living/learning community that enrolls unique students from more than 30 majors into a spring-summer schedule filled with energy, collisions that become ideas, and one common minor: Innovation. The fall term is left open for other adventures, such as study abroad programs and there is an additional short essay on the application for students interested in IA .

Special Circumstances

The University of Florida welcomes applications from all prospective students, and we understand that there may be special circumstances to consider.

Non-Accredited and Home Schooled

Concurrent High School/Associate of Arts Degree

Disability Consideration

  • Applicants who would like to be reviewed for disability consideration must check the “special admission consideration because of a disability” box on the admissions application. Disability consideration is optional.
  • Submit the Disability Consideration Request Form
  • Compile any supporting documentation. Disability-related documentation guidelines can be located on the University of Florida’s Disability Resource Center’s website. Please note that an IEP or 504 Plan, without other disability-related documentation included, is not sufficient documentation.
  • Compile all documentation materials together and upload using our secure document upload system. Documentation received via e-mail will not be accepted.
  • Deadline for receipt of materials is December 1.

Checking Your Application Status

At least 48-72 hours after submitting your online application, please check the status of your application to link your SSAR to your UF application. Allow two-three weeks processing time for all other items to be received and added to your application.

Admissions Decisions

Admissions decisions will be made for applicants with complete applications and all admission materials received. Decisions for freshmen who applied by November 15 will be available in mid-February. You can view your decision by clicking the Check Application Status button. An official written notification of acceptance is mailed to admitted students only. Non-admitted students are notified through our online notification process.

Evaluation Process

The admissions process is designed to consider all aspects of an applicant’s academic record and personal experiences. The admissions review process tries to balance the subjective and objective components of the application. Admission officers can exercise flexibility and professional judgment in their reviews and decisions, but they also must apply consistent standards. Every evaluation retains a focus on academic achievement and the applicant’s overall potential for success at the University of Florida.

Holistic Review

UF’s application is designed to facilitate individual holistic consideration. The university recognizes that there is great variation among applicants’ personal circumstances, home communities and high schools, including schools’ course offerings and grading practices. Admission officers, therefore, have a responsibility to consider all factors when evaluating applications and to admit those applicants who are academically qualified and who have demonstrated a potential to contribute to and to be successful students at the University of Florida.

State College Partnerships

The Office of Admissions has collaborated with the College of Engineering, the College of Design, Construction and Planning, other Enrollment Management offices, and officials from Santa Fe College and the State College of Florida to implement the Gator Engineering at Santa Fe, Gator Engineering at State College of Florida, and Gator Design and Construction at Santa Fe. These innovative partnerships are designed to expand opportunities for aspiring students to earn degrees from the University of Florida.

Students offered these opportunities will begin their studies at Santa Fe College or the State College of Florida where they are provided special advising and other support that will lead to an accelerated transfer to the UF campus. Students must meet established benchmarks in order to be eligible for transfer.

Post Your UF Essay! Read answers and criticism

. I will be continously commenting as well.

The half-naked woman stared at me with her perfect teeth, white enough

for a toothpaste commercial. The strangest part wasn’t her clothing

(or lack thereof) but the fact that she didn’t know she was looking at

me dead in the eye. There’s something curious about why it is that all

lawyers’ offices insist on being littered with beauty magazines. I

hadn’t come here for tips on how to become a better lover; I made an

appointment with Mr. Smith (the names have been changed to protect the

innocent, the guilty, or the simply confused) to have a question

answered. In my mind, there was nothing strange about a teenager

looking to found his own company

factors made me who I am. How far I can kick a ball won’t exactly

merit me headline news, and how quickly I can explain how quartiles

function to a dazed statistics student won’t land me infamy in

mathematics circles. What I’m certain of, however, is that I refuse to

accept a life of mediocrity and that what I’m destined to do will be

regarded as average, like a movie with too many clichés and a cheap

that from the moment I step outside my house I would be prejudged,

criticized, and possibly forgotten and that I could depend only on

myself. I have no fall back plan, no trust fund to support me in case

I fail; there are no connections to facilitate me in finding a

respectable job and no "get out of jail free" card.

When I was 15 years old, I made an oath that I would accept nothing

for free and I would refuse pity due to inadequacy. From that day

forth I have worked two jobs in different industries and several odd

jobs at any given time from systems administrator to sales associate.

I would finance my own car, pay my own bills, and become

self-sufficient in nearly every aspect of the word.

opportunities I was given and maybe earn some good karma along the

way. I was tutoring a 14-year-old boy from a local neighborhood as

part of a community outreach program, and I asked him to print an

assignment. He looked at me calmly and said, "How? I don’t have a

place to type it." My calling was to do what was in my power to

change these circumstances.

task. I called the Florida Bar Association and scheduled a free

30-minute consultation with a local lawyer. The plan consisted of

three parts: to become incorporated as a non-profit organization

(under my father’s name as executor until I turned 18 years old), to

seek out donations of broken or old computers, and to donate them

refurbished to underprivileged children. With the signature of a

16-year-old boy, Tech Hands, Inc. was created.

outsourcing or the rising importance of the Chinese language with any

passerby. What truly matters to me is seeking an unforgettable college

experience and the knowledge available in those four years; knowledge

that will help me transform my life into more than sound and fury.


Replies to: Post Your UF Essay! Read answers and criticism

Dozens of people were running past me, all of them strangers. Children were clinging close to their parents without a clue in the world. Many were hugging and kissing, while others were shouting. I had never seen these kinds of people before. They had distinctively different features. I saw people with green, blue, brown eyes. Every one of them came in different sizes with brown or even yellow hair. A large sweaty man ran by me and dropped a large case. He quickly picked it up and ran frantically towards a corridor. The lights around me flashed unknown words that I had never seen. A large voice came out of machines announcing an unusual message. I hung onto my brother and grabbed his right hand tightly. I was four years old and my family had just arrived in the United States.

For as long as I can remember, my family was always hardworking and dedicated. Before my family immigrated to the United States in 1995, we lived in Vietnam. Post war scars left Vietnam crippled and filled with poverty. We desperately needed a new life; a new life that would fulfill not only our dreams of freedom, but also our dreams of financial security and a chance for a top-notch education.

After immigrating to America, my family was confused about what to do in a new environment. Eventually, my fifty-year-old parents and twenty-year brother were forced to acquire minimum wage jobs because of their incomplete education. Everyday after work they would come home tired, broken down, and depressed from their jobs. One day, after school I asked my older brother what any puzzled eight year old would ask. I asked him why he worked at that job if it made him so unhappy. The response he gave me would change my life. He told me that he was forced to work at that job because he didnt have a chance at a good education like I have right now.

I finally realized the great opportunities in the United States that I was taking for granted. My only job was to work hard and succeed in school. Unlike myself, my brother was obligated to work at a minimum wage job until he was twenty-five years old before he was able to attend college. Seeing my parents and brother work forty to fifty hours a week showed me the importance of an education. It proved to me that without an education, I too could look forward to a minimum wage job.

I was determined to have a new perspective on my future. In a free country such as the United States, education is a given right, unlike the rare opportunities for education in third world countries. With my new mindset,

I believe that I will be able to bring my persistence and desire to succeed to the University of Florida. My educational pursuits might change, but whatever I choose to do, I will always strive to be the best. By attending the University of Florida, my ethnic and social backgrounds will add diversity to the campus. I will be able to educate others by relating my familys hardships and proving that hard work and dedication ultimately lead to success.

To reach one’s life destination, you need to overcome obstacles along the way. My journey began as my mother and I departed from Cuba, leaving my family behind in search for a better future in the United States. Being seven years old I was excited about coming to America and had high hopes for the future. Elementary school was a reality check. Kids teased me because I didn’t know a word of English. However, I kept quiet, paid close attention in class, and ignored my detractors. At home, I would bury myself in my books, knowing that things would only improve if I began to read avidly. In two years I learned to speak, understand, and write English. I earned top grades, became involved in school activities, and earned the respect of my classmates. As I entered high school, my journey took me on the path to discovering my abilities, which would boost my confidence and make me the person I am today.

Ever since I was a child I knew that I had the potential to do great things. In high school, I joined the Future Business Leaders of America, not knowing that this organization would be the key to my success. I became a member of the Braddock Executive Board and a Florida State Officer my junior year. As the Vice President of Special Events, I was able to develop planning and organizational skills which benefited me greatly. My leadership skills and dedication allowed me to become the Chief Executive Officer for Braddock FBLA my senior year. In addition, as a two-year State Parliamentarian, I have been one of five student leaders who have guided 13,000 members statewide in the support of State and National charities such as the March of Dimes and Ronald McDonald House, as well as assisting in business leadership development. While serving FBLA, I have maintained excellent grades and served the community, for which I have earned several prestigious awards. Living in a country that has offered me great opportunities, I realize the need to give back. Service to the community is my way of expressing gratitude. I hope to take part in other beneficial community service projects and learn even more about business as a member of Phi Beta Lambda.

My drive for academic excellence has been evident since my arrival in the United States. My desire to prove myself allowed me to breeze through the ESOL program in one year. Moreover, that drive continued through high school, leading me to take Honors and AP classes. After overcoming the language barrier and proving that I could accomplish anything, I have decided to pursue a major in Finance and obtain my Masters in International Business. My goal is to take global business to new heights and achieve more than most Hispanic females ever dreamed of.

The University of Florida would be the ideal institution at which to proceed with my education and my service to the community in my ongoing endeavor to achieve success.


Calm down Jackie, don’t stare; it’s okay to be afraid, but whatever you do just don’t cry. I continued repeating this to myself in an attempt to find comfort in a lonely place. I washed my hands. I snapped on the pale blue medical mask. I stretched my hands into the tight latex gloves. Fully equipped, I walked into Mateo’s room; my eyes searched from corner to corner. I couldn’t believe it. Was this little boy really the reason behind all my precautions? Mateo’s hopeful brown eyes instantly found mine, and that’s when I realized he was not only missing his eyelashes, but his childhood as well.

Sitting in front of me was a little boy who loved football. A little boy who wanted to sit down and have some company, no, a friend. And that’s exactly what I became, his best friend. Mateo and I shared our interests and insights. He taught me how to play Mancala and to look at people for who they are, not just for how they look. In return, I taught Mateo how to dance the Macarena and the reality to the story "The Little Engine that Could". I remember how Mateo refused for me to teach him how to dance but after a lost game of Mancala , he had no other choice. While Mateo was a bit different from what I was used to teaching, no dance competition could amount to that moment.

The time I spent with Mateo was indeed nothing I could have prepared for. The doctors and nurses provided Mateo with extensive treatment in an attempt to restore his health. However, I gave Mateo freedom from his entrapment. I allowed Mateo to escape from his room that he was so forcefully imprisoned in, I lifted the barriers of tubes that separated me from him. I gave Mateo someone to talk to, to confide in, to rely on.

Interning at Miami Children’s Hospital, I have found that the best way to make a difference in any event is by taking it into my own hands. Mateo and all the other children at the hospital have shown me how short life can be and if I want change I can’t sit back and wait for someone else to do something, I must ignite change. I will bring some of the activities that I am most passionate about to the campus community at the University of Florida. Fortunately, I will be able to continue my leadership position in Health Occupational Students of America at UF. I will also bring my talent to the Dazzlers; I know dancing for the Dazzlers won’t be to amuse Mateo, but it will be able to spark smiles out of some Gators. Although some may argue that at the University of Florida you are just a number, with over 750 organizations I see it as countless opportunities. Whether it’s in a school of 4,000 or 30,000, I never have been and never will be just a number.

i was truely impressed!

Any thing I should change or improve, let me know 🙂

Let me know what you think, I know some things may seem awkwardly worded, but I kinda liked it that way. Stats are pretty good for UF, let’s see what happens 🙂

I have had a habitually conflicting childhood. Now, it’s not been ‘habitually conflicting’ with a negative connotation, but rather a positive one – in my eyes at least. My mother is Filipino, my father Indian; my mother is Christian, my father Hindu; my thought process open-minded, my parent’s thought process grounded in generational belief. The viability of what I call my ‘anti-thetical life’ has brought me into the expected confused, debate-prone and explorational mind I have today. Through having these perplexed ideas of self in mind, I’ve started on paths to try and define ‘self’, for myself. These explorations have led me to come to three conclusions: I have a thriving need for travel, I cannot function without serving others, and I need to lead a life in which I find the most benefit for the most amount of people (Hedonic Calculus in a way, but don’t get me started on that).

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