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Short essay on The mystery of UFOs

UFO is comprehended as ‘unidentified flying object’ in the sky. The term was proposed by Capt. Edward J. Ruppelt who served as the head of ‘Project Blue Book’ in the year 1952 for United States Air force. He proposed to call it as ‘you-foe’ but the term gain popularity as U.F.O only.

There is no official data or record about the UFO sighting. But according to folk tales and in colloquial manner, it can be said that people does observed such flying objects since historic times. The first sighting of UFOs is marked since late 1800 by most of the researchers. The most famous and prominent UFO sighting was made in the year 1947 by private pilot Kenneth Arnold. He claimed to observe ‘flying saucer’ in the sky. This event led to the reporting of similar reports in different parts of the world at different times. According to a rough estimate, about 60% of such reports are hoax or due to some other reasons. While, some of the objects noticed in the sky were definitely astronomical in nature like comets, asteroids etc. But then some were also a result of disillusion like perhelia and lenticular clouds. There are certain natural phenomenons that give rise to various hypothetical shapes formation on the astronomical horizons. Most of these halos are perceived by naked eyes and are called as UFOs by populace.

However, a good amount of 40% cases are still left to be researched. There are enough evidences that rule out all the possible human errors, psychological aspect and hallucinations. The reports do claim the presence of extra terrestrial components in the earth’s atmosphere on scientific analysis also. The marks that are supposedly left by an alien spaceship at grounds, known as ‘trace case’ are often reported by the people. Such incidents are reported mainly by the inhabitants of remote and rural areas.

Scientists and researchers are working extensively to mark the presence of life on other planets and their possible intervention in earth’s atmosphere. However, no significant milestone has yet been reached by any of the agencies. There is also a dearth of a formal research organisation and/or institute dealing in this particular subject. Numerous private organisations have mounted up but nothing remarkable has come up so far. Countries like Russia and China have done significant scientific research but the reports and the concerned developments are still not public. Hence, it is hard to say whether they have reached any conclusive point or not.

Most of the reports about the UFO sighting have been from distance only. Though, there are one or two random incidences that are believed as a close encounter with aliens but there are no evidential proofs to back the report. There are no conventional means that could explain the existence and concept of UFOs. Therefore, the mystery that shrouds UFO sighting will prevail as long as the curiosity of human nature to unravel the mysteries of nature and universe will exist. The humans have a natural instinct to believe in supernatural phenomenon and a life beyond the present cycle and dimensions. Any significant report would require the substantial proofs and grounds which are not present as yet.





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Unidentified Flying Object – Ufo

By: Artur • Essay • 2,370 Words • November 17, 2009 • 767 Views

Essay title: Unidentified Flying Object – Ufo

If you had mentioned seeing a Unidentified Flying

Object (UFO), or spaceship from another planet 100 years

ago, you would probably be thought of as a raving lunatic.

If you had mentioned one 50 years ago, the case would be

thought about, but with much suspicion. Today, many people

would believe you, and, if you had evidence to prove it, the

government would take a very close interest in your case,

yet many people would call you an idiot. Despite all the

evidence that indicates UFO's exist, there are still many

people who will not listen to any evidence, and the

government covers up evidence and alters news releases on

The Roswell case is one of the best documented, and

most controversial UFO cases ever. In July of 1949, at a

small airforce base in Roswell, New Mexico, a small,

brightly glowing object was observed to crash land at about

11:30 P.M. There were many people who had seen the crash,

and they had described that it was "brighter, and fell much

slower than any meteors" they had ever seen. At St. Mary's

Hospital in Roswell, two Catholic nuns, saw the crash,

directly north of them, and logged the crash to have

occurred on July 4, between 10:00 and 11:30 PM.

Southwest of the base, Corporal E. L. Pyles looked

to see what at first he thought was a shooting star, only it

seemed to be to large to be one. He testifies that the

crash happened about 11:00 PM also.

There were many Military officers in the area who

had seen the object as well. The object was appearing on

military radars for many days before the crash. Before the

crash, on July 1, all of the officers and technicians at the

base had been tracking an unidentified object on their

radars. Starting on July 2nd, Steve MacKenzie, who was

stationed at Roswell, was ordered to report to the White

Sands Proving Ground radar sites and report directly to the

brigadier general at the base. The Brigadier General's

orders were to inform him of all the movements the object

made. At White Sands, there had been doubt as to whether

this object was a malfunction of radar equipment, or, if it

was in fact, real. So , the airforce had other radar sites

in Albuquerque and Roswell look at the area on their radars.

It was shown that they had, in fact, a real object.

During the evening of July 4, the object changed.

It was growing bigger, then shrinking back to it's original

size, the blip was pulsating, then the blip grew quite

large, and disappeared from the screen. Because sites in

Albuquerque, White Sands and Roswell were tracking the

object, the airforce had a vague location about where it

crashed. The airforce then decided to launch a

comprehensive search the following morning.

The airforce, however, was the last to arrive at the

site. A group of archaeologists being led by Dr. W. Curry

Holden, had arrived earlier. One of the students recorded

the object as "a crashed wingless plane,

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Do UFOs Exist? essay

Do UFOs Exist? essay

For many centuries people have been interested in solving numerous mysteries of the universe, one of which is the mystery of life on other planets. Therefore, the question of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence and unidentified flying objects has been and remains one of the most exciting and mysterious to mankind.

UFOs are unidentified flying objects are, but nobody knows exactly what it is. Many researchers (called “ufologists”) have different theories which try to explain what is a UFO, but since no one can study the UFO in a scientific laboratory, all of these ideas are nothing more than scientific guesses. (Greer 2009)

It is possible to offer the following definition of a UFO, given by the American Association of UFO “CUFOS”, which can be useful when considering this topic: “UFO is an observation of an object or light source in the sky or on earth, which appearance, trajectory, actions, movement and color of the light emitted does not have a logical or natural explanation and which can not be explained not only by witnesses, but also by scientific and technical experts after examination of the evidence”. (Greer 2009)

The first mentions of a UFO are known from ancient times, and in the XX th century hundreds of scientists and thousands of ordinary people around the world began to study the issue. Numerous facts of unidentified flying objects put a formal science in rather awkward position. Today there are thousands of credible reports of UFOs, were made hundreds of movies and records of them, but none so far can give a clear answer to the question about existence of UFO. But there is plenty of evidence and data about UFOs, including photos and video, that can not be ignored. Some of this evidence can not be explained by science and have no logical explanation. Therefore, many scientists for more than 50 years are engaged in studying this issue and over the years have collected a lot of facts about UFOs. (Greer 2009)

In this paper we consider some facts and evidence of the UFOs that have been collected since ancient times and in the XXth century that can confirm the hypothesis of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence.

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Argumentative Essay ” UFO Presence In The Universe ” The Roswell Issue

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. The Roswell, New Mexico mystery started all the way back in the summer of 1947, when something strange fell from the sky. The mystery is, what was it? On June 24, 1947, pilot Kenneth Arnold reported seeing "disc or saucer" shaped objects flying at extremely high speeds around Washington state. The following day more and more reports of "flying saucers" appeared in newspapers. Many of the reports were written off, and not many were very believable, but that all changed in July of 1947. During the first week of July 1947, rancher William "Mack" Brazel discovered a large amount of very strange debris scattered all over his ranch around Roswell, New Mexico. Brazel then informed the local sheriff, George Wilcox, that he may have found some debris from a "flying saucer." After authorities from the airbase in Roswell investigated, they took some of the debris and returned it to the Roswell base on the evening of July 7, three days after the initial "crash" happened. On the next afternoon, July 8, an official from the Roswell airbase went public. He stated that a "flying disk" had been found "sometime last week" by a local rancher and the evidence has been transferred to a "higher headquarters." The United Press also reported that residents near the ranch saw "a strange blue light" several days ago at about 3:00 A.M. After this press release, their was an absolute media frenzy. So many people went.

. year on average and several thousand have been documented since records began Naturally, there are many theories trying to explain crop circles’ existence. One of them is UFO origin Some carpologist groups think that crop circles are caused by ball lighting and that the patterns are so complex that they have to be controlled by some entity. So many people, crop circles are usually thought to be the work of hoaxers, Some cerealogists (people who study crop circles) say that these diagrams must be created by intelligent alien beings from elsewhere. Even though these diagrams must be constructed in a very short time span, the genuine crop circles never show any serious mistakes or blunders of execution. Cerealogists see this as evidence that the aliens must be very intelligent and much more advanced than we are. Air Force Regulation 200-2, issued in 1953 and 1954, the regulation also said UFOBs were to be investigated." As to what the public was to be told, "," but” Project Sign There is reliable testimony that in August, 1948, the Technical Intelligence Division at Wright-Patterson and Project Sign, decided to make a formal Estimate of the Situation. The Estimate was a top secret document that contained unexplained sightings by pilots, scientists, and other reliable witnesses. The report concluded that UFOs were of extraterrestrial origin. General George Schulgen, Chief of the Air Intelligence Requirements Division that concluded: a. The.

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The Oxford English Dictionary defines a UFO as “An unidentified flying object; a ‘flying saucer’.” The word was first used in print by Donald Keyhoe in 1953.[1] The acronym “UFO” was coined by Capt. Edward J. Ruppelt, who headed Project Blue Book, then the USAF’s official investigation of UFOs. He wrote, “Obviously the term ‘flying saucer’ is misleading when applied to objects of every conceivable shape and performance. For this reason the military prefers the more general, if less colorful, name:…

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