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I am Unique Essay

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Writing an essay can pose an uphill task for many college students. The dread does not lie so much in the writing of the essay itself, as in the struggle involved in zeroing in on a suitable topic. You find college students agonizing over selection of the right topic. There are some students who just go and sit in front of their computers and immediately start typing stuff, with the ideas pouring in as if from nowhere. Not all of us are so fortunate to have a brain like that, however.

You might wonder how one does this. You could start by browsing through your textbooks for the semester and going through some of the questions or notes on the book to generate topics. Alternatively, you can just down with a piece of paper and pencil and start asking questions on the ideas that were presented to you in class. It makes no difference whether the questions are major or minor ones; the crux of the matter is that the questions should make you think from different angles. It should have the potential to initiate a discussion. Put yourself in the place of a scientist and begin asking questions. Asking broad or generalized questions don’t always work, as focusing becomes difficult. In this case, you can go through your class notes and ask questions, as class lectures would be more focused on specific topics and can lead to interesting questions and answers that are somehow more contained.

“Brainstorming” may sound difficult, but it is nothing more than picking up ideas from your own thoughts and knowledge or accessing the topic through a hidden insight. The topics can then be used to produce a masterpiece of a college essay. Once the initial idea has crossed in your mind, you can use citations and wordings of other authors, but the concept needs to be original. You can just jot down words, phrases and abbreviations as they occur to you. This is not the time to give shape to the writing, but just to put down main points related to a topic with the prime goal being to generate as many ideas for topic as possible. If you are still stuck coming up with an interesting essay idea, visit this website for a list of top 100 research paper topics.

Try to take a moment and completely empty the ideas in your brain while asking yourself questions, such as why, how and where something has occurred. Also, consider contrasts and comparisons. If you are a habitual reader, unique and interesting ideas will easily strike you, as they have been stored in your mind at some point. Such ideas can be related to quotes or opinions as well as facts reported in a newspaper or a journal. You can then analyze these topics and organize them to clinch the most interesting one.

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Essay on Being Unique

A little arithmetic shows that 10 17 people can be accommodated before duplication occurs. My Global Change course has led me to think about big numbers of people, so I considered the prospect that the University would assign someone else my number before I retire. After all, my social security number has a paltry 9 digits, and I know that vultures are out there awaiting the largesse from getting that number.

We have about 6 billion people on the planet now. When each of us individually accumulates 2×10 7 = 20,000,000 descendants, the University will have to start using duplicate numbers (that, of course, assumes that present recruitment efforts are very successful and all people on the planet are either staff or students at Iowa State University).

What will life be like with such a population of the planet? Well, for starters, there are about 1.5×10 14 m 2 of land area on the planet, so with 10 17 humans occupying the planet, about 700 people will share each square meter of land surface. Those unfortunate enough to share the Antarctic continent will enjoy having a few warm bodies close at hand.

Now I got a little concerned that this many people might cause some global warming. Not to worry. The University has given us a solution for this as well. By each holding our ISU Card overhead at the proper angle, we can reflect enough solar energy to compensate for anthropogenic warming!

This is enough assurance for me that I and my ISU Card are unique. However, for those of you not satisfied yet, consider the possibilities that each of the 17 places on your Card be occupied by either a letter or number. This gives 36 17 = 2.9×10 26 unique cards to be issued. Another quick calculation shows that this will put 560 billion people (100 times the present population of the planet) per square meter over all land and water area of the planet.

Looking at the problem another way, if the Earth’s population stabilizes around 10 billion with an average life expectancy of 70 years, then it will take 2×10 18 years to use up the 2.9×10 26 cards the University may already have printed. Note than this is 400 million times the age of the Earth. We should not fret over ISU Card duplication if the population of the planet stabilizes.

Now if an impending ice age is the factor to do in civilization, we have a built-in protection here as well. Your ISU Card has a mass of 4.491 grams and is composed primarily of plastic, which is a derivative of fossil carbon. Converting the mass of 2.9×10 26 cards to combustible carbon would keep us warm for along time: last year the population of the planet consumed about 8×10 15 grams of fossil fuels, so if we saved and burned all the unique ISU Cards with 17 identifying characters, we could power the planet for another 160 billion years at the present rate before running out of fuel. And by the way, it would take mass equivalent to twice the mass of the moon to create that many Cards.

Other University educational priorities could be met by use of this ingenious astronomical creation. For instance, just consider the incentive for good penmanship for those 2 17 = 131,072 students whose ISU Cards identification consists of nothing but combinations of the letter O and the number zero.

I get a warm feeling every time I sit and gaze at my little red ISU Card. We can all take great comfort in the assurance that our leaders have taken the long view on the issue of protecting the uniqueness of each member of the Iowa State University family.

Eugene S. Takle (with a little inspiration from Andy Rooney)

Essay Writing Course Chapter 4

All of us have a story to tell; a story of our own; a story of our unique experiences, choices and dreams. Your life too has been fashioned by specific aspirations, special relationships, and particular situations and people: this is your story. Your application carries your story to the Admissions Committee members who read thousands of similar-looking applications. Since you do not want to lose yourself in a sea of applications, you must ensure that your essays rivet the attention of the committee to your application.

Ask yourself, what in my application will make the Admissions Committee sit up and take note. No one will remember a person who worked for xyz company and met all targets, but everyone will remember the person who did not let the adversity he faced in oil fields of conflict-torn Algeria affect his contribution at work. Who can miss that Chinese interpreter who endeavored to implement state-of-the-art technology in office or the boy who missed basketball to help his sister compose herself just when she was falling apart? You might not have worked in Algeria, may not know Chinese and may not have a sister but you do have plenty in your background to leave a similar message with the admissions committees.

Your experiences make you unique. Look at all the initiatives you took, problems you solved and achievements you created. Pick the ones that gave you meaningful insights. It could even be the industries you may have worked in or the roles you played at work. You could also stand out because of certain values you imbibed and strengths you developed. Of all the various abilities you possess and experiences you have had, which ones have influenced you the most and which ones explain who you really are or who you are likely to become?

Juggle these (and similar) questions in your mind until you are able to identify what makes you the unique person you are.

One aspect that is common to all successful applicants is their ability to portray themselves faithfully. Unless the admissions committee gets to know you well, they are certainly not going to offer you a place. To tell them who you are, you need to know who you are first. For your identity to emerge, you need to introspect.

After you identify what sets you apart or what makes you succeed, you will need to identify specific stories to project these traits. When you set out to portray who you really are, the one-line differentiator (similar to that of the guy who worked in Algeria) will make its way into the minds of the Admissions Committee members. When this happens, you are sure to make them take notice and turn their decision in your favor.



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Or, while browsing through the pages of a book, were unconsciously attracted to reading something that turned to be very important for them. We doubt that computers may cause this intuitive connection in the same degree as the contact with a real, non-virtual object.

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While producing this paper, we kept printing the various versions, because the printed text permits an overview that we miss when using a text editor. Aside from these disadvantages, it is possible to mention a number of advantages in virtual storage: automatic search, efficiency in storage, copy and transmission,

Showed next 250 characters

Richard Preston, the author of the book, did a very nice job of researching his facts and making sure they were all legitimate claims and I applaud him on this.

Amir’s first words as a child were ‘Baba,’ while Hassan’s were ‘Amir,’ and from the very beginning of this tragic story those two words set the stage for every action these two characters make.

After Chick tries to commit suicide by throwing himself off a water tower, Chick wakes up in between the worlds of life and death. In this world, Chick gets to spend one more day with his mother who had passed away eight years prior to this event.

importance of dream by making readers relate to the situation in "Black Boy". "Black Boy" is about this little boy who writes a story and the story’s title causes this uproar because it has the word hell in it.

In my opinion, this is the best book I’ve ever read, and Stephen King has topped all of his previous novels with "BAG OF BONES." It is mysterious, scary, mesmerizing, suspenseful, and contains a bit of a love story as well.

In many occasions people have found themselves disappointed when either a book has been turned into a movie or a movie has turned into a book or series of books.

There are three ways of using computers in art: as storage devices, as passive instruments of artistic creation, and as active instruments in the generation of images, sounds, etc.

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"How Are You Unique?" Sample Essay 1

Perhaps the most important influence that has shaped the person I am today is my upbringing in a traditional family-oriented Persian and Zoroastrian culture. My family has been an important source of support in all of the decisions I have made, and Zoroastrianism’s three basic tenets-good words, good deeds, and good thoughts-have been my guiding principles in life. Not only do I try to do things for others, but I always push myself to be the best that I can be in all aspects of my life. I saw early the doors and opportunities that a good education can open up; thus, I particularly tried hard to do well in school.

Another important experience that has had a large influence on me the past few years has been college. Going from high school to college was a significant change. College required a major overhaul of my time-management techniques as the number of things to do mushroomed. In high school, I was in the honors program, with the same cohort of students in all my classes. Thus, I was exposed little to people very different from myself. College, on the other hand, is full of diversity. I have people of all backgrounds and abilities in my classes, and I have been fortunate enough to meet quite a few of them. This experience has made me more tolerant of differences. Furthermore, a variety of classes such as the Humanities Core Course, in which we specifically studied differences in race, gender, and belief systems, have liberalized my world view.

My undergraduate research has occupied a large portion of my time in college. Along with this experience have come knowledge and skills that could never be gained in the classroom. I have gained a better appreciation for the medical discoverers and discoveries of the past and the years of frustration endured and satisfaction enjoyed by scientists. I have also learned to deal better with the disappointments and frustrations that result when things do not always go as one expects them to. My research experience was also important to me in that it broadened my view of the medical field. Research permitted me to meet a few medical doctors who have clinical practices and yet are able to conduct research at the university. This has made me seriously consider combining research with a clinical practice in my own career.

From my earliest memories, I can always remember being interested in meteorology. I believe that this interest sparked my love for the outdoors, while my interest in medicine molded my desire for healthy living. As a result of these two influences, I try to follow an active exercise routine taking place mostly in the outdoors. I enjoy running and mountain biking in the local hills and mountains, along with hiking and backpacking. All of these activities have made me concerned about the environment and my place in it.

I am Unique Essay

I Am Deaf Essay

Learners I am deaf. I am at Starbucks. I want to order coffee. I have to do it on paper rather than out loud because I speak so poorly, I don’t like to try. I intend to write it down and show it to the barrista, but I am nervous. I don’t know if I am more nervous because I am not really deaf and I feel guilty or because I am different from the other customers and I will be labeled as disabled. I am not looking forward to placing my order. I order a medium decaf coffee by holding…

I am Unique Essay

I am Unique From the time I was a young child, I have always known I was different from others. Although I didn’t realize I was in any way “smart” until around the fourth grade, I had been skipped up to the first grade from kindergarten. While friends struggled with homework assignments, finishing them came easily to me, like riding a bike. Supposedly – I’ve never ridden a bike. No, my passion, and talent, from the very beginning, was with written materials. By second grade…

Who I Am Essay

When I look in the mirror I know whom I am, but society makes it difficult to understand who I am, because I was born to immigrants of Nigerian descent, and I am a first generation American, that term is sometimes used so loosely. By looking at my name they assume that I am from some island, but I am so quick to tell them that “I am Nigerian”, there is another statement that normally follows this. “You do not have an accent”. I wonder if I had an accent would I be considered Nigerian and not American;…

Am I a Role Model?

This is a question that has been asked by coaches and athletes for years Am I a Role Model? I would say yes, just because anytime a person is place in a position of authority they have the power of influencing people, they might not think they do but they do. There are no set of rules that a person goes by to be consider a role model, is it the way they carry themselves and how they treat others. Being a role model for other athletes to follow should be something that all coaches and athletes seek…

Essay on I Am Sam

I Am Sam is the compelling story of Sam Dawson (Sean Penn), a mentally-challenged father raising his daughter Lucy (Dakota Fanning) with the help of an extraordinary group of friends. As Lucy turns seven and begins to intellectually surpass her father, their close bond is threatened when their situation comes under the scrutiny of a social worker who wants Lucy placed in foster care. Faced with a seemingly unwinnable case, Sam vows to fight the legal system and forms an unlikely alliance with…

I am Arabic, I am an American! Essay

After many hours of dissecting my own thoughts and ideas about the terrorist acts against my country, the United States of America, I have decided that there is no right or wrong way to handle the situation. The fact is, something just has to be done. I have studied our involvement in World War II, but the attack on the World Trade Center has really affected me. I grew up with the idea that although German- and Japanese-American citizens are innocent, many of us still have stereotypes about them…

I Am a Cultural Leader

that being said, this paper will examine life experiences and changes I have gone through that contribute to my existence as a cultural leader. As way of illustration, growing up in South Orange County, California – one of Orange County’s youngest cities – allowed me to interact with diverse ethnic groups around the globe. Such groups involved were Latinos, Caucasians, Asians, Middle Easterners, and Jews who made me who I am today. In fact, more often than not, many were nationalists from other…

I Feel Therefore I Am

I Feel Therefore I Am Have you ever met that one person that is never in a good mood? Always sleeping, never eating or just walks around like a zombie? Depression can alter multiple different aspects of your social, behavioral and professional life. If depression was to go untreated it could lead to serious life altering changes which in turn could drive you deeper in to the depressed state. It has been proven that while depressed people are affected with poor concentration and indecisiveness.…

I Am Proud of Who I Am Essay

accomplishment”. Who am I? is question that many often struggle to answer, but for me it allows me to differentiate from my constituents and express who I really am. What makes me such a unique individual is my ability to identify with 5 strong strengths. I love the fact that I am futuristic and I have the ability to relate, I am responsible, I am a developer and last but not least I am disciplined. Each one these themes shape and generate my personality. Born on February 22nd 2000 I am the only daughter…

I Am a Streptococcus Essay

I am a streptococcus. I am known as a harmful bacterium because I am a harmful bacterium. A French biologist known as Louis Pasteur discovered me in 1880. When he discovered me, he called me “microbe septicemique du salive.” In the same year in the United States, biologist George Miller Sternberg also discovered me and named me “Micrococcus pasteuri.” In 1974, my name was changed to streptococcus. Once, a man known as Frank Griffith conducted an experiment with me. He formed a hypothesis that bacteria…


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Interesting Personal Essay Ideas

A personal essay gives the reader a glimpse of your personal life experience. A lot of times you may need to compose a personal essay. It could be for a simple class assignment, or the requirement for a college application. In order to gain ideas of writing a personal essay, you can get inspired by the listed topics below. Just think of each of the ideas as a prompt for writing, and imagine any special moment the prompt may bring to your mind.

  • How you and your best friend met
  • The bravest moment of your life
  • What makes your parents special
  • The experience of overcoming a fear
  • The moment your life changed forever
  • Why you can succeed in life
  • A difficult choice you have made
  • A place that is special to you
  • The experience of being let down by a friend
  • A failure you experienced
  • A disappointment you had
  • A surprising turn of events you experienced
  • Your favorite period of time
  • A place you always try to avoid
  • If you had power, what you would do with it
  • What super power you choose to have
  • If you could change someone’s life
  • How money matters for your life
  • Where would you go hide
  • The biggest loss you have experienced
  • If you could have a do-over
  • Words that stung
  • A book that has changed your life
  • When you have the desire of running away
  • When you have the urge of hiding in a hole
  • The proudest moment of your life
  • When you were taught a lesson by a child
  • Words that prompted hope
  • If your dog or cat could talk
  • Your favorite time with family
  • If you could invent something
  • If you could live in a different country
  • What the world would be like in 100 years
  • If you lived 100 years ago
  • The animal you would like to be
  • The greatest movie moment
  • One thing you would change about the world
  • If you could change one thing about yourself
  • The type of teacher you want to be
  • If you could live anywhere
  • A museum you’d like to visit
  • If you could become a building
  • Something a robot could never do
  • An animal that could be in charge of the world
  • The greatest discovery
  • Your most fortunate day
  • Your secret love
  • Your secret talent
  • The ugliest thing you have seen
  • The most beautiful thing you have seen
  • An accident which changed everything
  • Something you have witnessed
  • A right choice
  • A wrong choice
  • How you would spend a million dollars
  • The meaning of color
  • If you could start a charity
  • Your favorite gift
  • A close call
  • A secret place
  • A hard lesson
  • An unexplained event
  • Something you can’t resist
  • A visitor that you can’t forget
  • The longest moment you ever had
  • An awkward social moment
  • A near death experience
  • The hardest news you had to deliver
  • A special morning
  • A kiss that meant a lot
  • Why you will never tell a lie
  • When you needed a hug

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