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Undergraduate Degrees Online

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Want to earn your degree online?

Oregon State University offers online undergraduate programs through OSU Ecampus in the following subjects:

Please visit the pages above for more details, or request more information.

Can’t decide on a major?

The University Exploratory Studies Program (UESP) delivered through Ecampus is designed specifically for students like you. UESP provides an academic home for students who want to explore options for a major while working on baccalaureate requirements.

Minors and undergraduate certificates online

Oregon State Ecampus delivers 25+ minors online as a way for you to enhance your bachelor’s program studies. Ecampus also delivers two undergraduate certificate options online.

1,100+ classes online to choose from

Oregon State Ecampus delivers rigorous and engaging courses in many areas of study. Our complete catalog includes more than 1,000 online courses in more than 90 subjects to help you fulfill requirements and move closer to graduation. Check the Ecampus schedule of classes to find the ones you need.

Chemistry, veterinary medicine and foreign language courses sequences

In addition to offering individual courses, Ecampus gives students the ability to complete course sequences in many subjects, including online chemistry courses and labs, veterinary medicine prerequisites and foreign languages like Chinese, French, German and American Sign Language.

If you simply want to take a course or two through Ecampus and are not a current OSU student, you should apply as a nondegree-seeking student. Most people go the nondegree route when they want to take courses for personal enrichment or to meet requirements at another institution.

A college degree is within reach

At University of Phoenix you can earn your associate, bachelor’s, master’s or even a doctoral degree online or on-campus at select locations. Our programs are designed to arm you with in-demand skills that matter in today’s competitive workforce. We have convenient course options that allow you to work toward your degree without putting your entire life on hold.

A degree can help create opportunities in your career and your professional life. Learn more about our wide range of programs and find the one that is right for you.

Online Bachelor’s Degrees

Having a college degree is important for your professional growth but it is also a significant personal achievement. Finding the time to pursue your education, however, might seem impossible. University of Phoenix can make your dream of higher education a reality with our online bachelor’s degree programs.

Our online programs allows you to attend class from anywhere with a computer and a reliable internet connection. Through our innovative system you can connect with fellow classmates, participate in group assignments and interact with your instructor, all without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Earn your BS or BA online in a variety of disciplines. Explore the options available at University of Phoenix.

Online Degrees

DSU’s online classes help everyone succeed.

DSU’s online classes are convenient, low-cost, and reputable. They let you learn—without sacrificing the quality of your education or your other commitments at home.

Unlike a lot of other online universities, DSU has a physical campus location that has been around since 1881. As an online DSU student, you'll learn from the same professors that also teach on campus. All DSU students receive the same high-quality education, regardless of the format.

Our faculty know how to teach online classes. Often, our online courses are taught at the same time as the on-campus class. Because of this, many faculty will bring the online and on-campus students together through collaborative projects. This level of community is hard to find at other online institutions.

Our online classes are so convenient that even local DSU students take them. A lot of our on-campus students take online courses when they’re unable to get to campus due to work or an internship in the field. Online classes help everyone succeed.

Dakota State University (DSU) is an approved SARA institution. DSU has reciprocity approval for distance education with other SARA approved states. SARA provides standard expectations for institutional conduct and ensuring consumer protection. Dakota State University is committed to complying with other states' authorization regulations.

Dakota State University offers a wide variety of programs to meet the diverse needs of our students. Certain DSU programs may require experiences such as in-person proctoring of exams/quizzes, internships, or student teaching. Please check to make sure the program you are interested in is offered in your state or country. Select the state/country you will reside in while taking courses. If you change residency, make sure DSU knows about your change in residency. DSU does not provide the online program in all states or countries. While DSU does monitor laws in each state, authorization of distance education is a dynamic enviroment and you should check this site often for updates. §668.50(b)(1) State Authorization

Ready to start? Learn more about our online degrees below or contact us for more information.

Registration Deadlines

To register for the next semester’s classes, we must have received your completed application and all additional official paperwork the Wednesday before the semester starts. You can check when each semester's classes begin on the Academic Calendar. Please note there are two start dates for 6-week summer courses.

University online degrees

Additional degree programs include:

  • Associate of Arts in General Studies with a concentration in Religious Studies *
  • Bachelor of Arts in Leadership with concentration in Management
  • Bachelor of Arts in Leadership with concentration in Entrepreneurship
  • Bachelor of Arts in Leadership with concentration in Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

* A concentration in Religious Studies is currently under development in partnership with the Patten Education Foundation. Additionally, a course offering in Biblical Studies is currently offered in partnership with Wilson University. Prospective students interested in this unique course of study, including information about tuition and fees, should refer to Wilson’s site or call 800-762-5990.

Patten Online

Enrollment Representatives are available to help.

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Thomas Edison State University offers a wide variety of degree and certificate programs that may be completed entirely through the University's online and distance learning courses. Below is list of these programs.

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Associate Degree Programs

Bachelor Degree Programs

Graduate Degree Programs

  • MA in Educational Leadership
  • MA in Educational Technology and Online Learning
  • MA in Liberal Studies
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Public Service Leadership (MPSL)
  • MS (MS) – Applied Science and Technology programs
  • MS in Homeland Security (MSHS)
  • MS in Hospitality Management (MSHM)
  • MS in Human Resources Management (MSHRM)
  • MS in Information Technology (MSIT)
  • MS in International Business Finance (MSIBF)
  • MS in Management (MSM)
  • MS in Nursing* (MSN)

Undergraduate Certificate Programs

Graduate Certificate Programs

Noncredit Programs (Professional Certificates)

* Program open only to students who possess a current Registered Nurses license valid in the United States.

All Professional Certificates Programs are available completely online.

† As of October 2010, the BSBA in Computer Information Systems can be completed entirely online through TESU

Earn your degree on your terms with our online degree programs & courses

Demanding schedules, family obligations, busy work commitments — or all of these at once — whatever’s going on in your world shouldn’t stop you from earning your degree.

At Franklin, our quality, online college degrees are both convenient and affordable, and our curriculum is uniquely designed to give you the knowledge, skills and hands-on learning required for a competitive edge in the workplace and the marketplace. Explore your online degree program options now.

#1 Online School

Enroll at a school recognized statewide for quality online education.

Accredited Online University

Nearly 80% of our students take online courses.

Worry-Free Learning

Always know what’s expected — and when.

100% Online Classes

Earn your degree around your schedule.

Real-World Practitioners

Learn from faculty with in-the-field experience.

1:1 Transfer Support

We’ll work with you to make sure you maximize all possible transfer credits

In This Section

Online Learning at Franklin

Take classes and earn your degree at your convenience with online college degree programs designed especially for busy, working adults.

Online Business Programs

Choose from more than 20 online business degree programs and prepare yourself to advance to the next level in today’s global business arena.

Online Finance & Accounting Programs

Develop new problem-solving skills – and a competitive career edge – with nearly two dozen online finance and accounting degree programs.

Online Healthcare Programs

Take your pick from healthcare degree programs that will equip you to pursue or advance your career in health services, healthcare management or allied health.

Online Management Programs

Influence others, impact organizational growth, and inspire success by learning to lead well, thanks to almost two dozen management degree programs you can take online at Franklin.

Online Marketing & Communications Programs

Take your pick of a half-dozen online marketing and communications college degree programs and get ahead by putting business out front.

Online Public & Social Sciences Programs

Ready yourself to help business enhance performance, help people improve their lives, and help make the world a better place with a public & social sciences program at Franklin.

Online Technology Programs

Prepare yourself for a competitive, next-generation IT career with one of Franklin’s many online information technology degree programs.

Online Learning Facts

Separate fact from fiction and find out what it takes to earn an online college degree with these truths about the benefits of an online education.

Online Degrees & Certificates

Quality & Convenience

Many kinds of students study in Webster’s online programs: Undergraduate, graduate, full- or part-time, domestic and international. No matter where you fit, you can take one class and explore a field or pursue a degree program.В Our online programs offer high academic standards, convenience, class you can take home or other locations and 24-7 learning.

Webster University offers over 50 online graduate, undergraduate, and certificate programs. Online courses offer the same rigor and standards as our courses taught on campus, and an online degree is the same as those earned on campus.

Begin your future today, and start earning your Webster University degree or certificate online!

Choose a Degree by Topic

Choose by Degree Level

Personal Attention. Experienced Faculty.

You’ll study in small classes that are limited to 24 people – an ideal environment for learning, interaction and discovery. The same highly qualified faculty who teach for us in the classroom teach our online courses. They are experts in their fields, and contribute not only their content knowledge but also their international experience to the education of our global student body.

Explore Online and Campus Degree Programs

At Kaplan University, our flexible campus and online degree programs are designed to fit your lifestyle and career goals. Whether you want to transfer college credits to finish a degree or start your college education, we can help you find the campus or online degree program that’s right for you.*

If you are looking to transfer college credits, please visit our Transfer Students page.

All Kaplan University undergraduate degree programs include general education courses designed to introduce you to the basic concepts, terminology, and methodology of areas such as ethics, critical thinking, research, technology, arts and humanities, communication, mathematics, science, and social science. Learn more about the School of General Education’s courses.

Find a Degree Program

Program availability varies by location and delivery method. Onsite course scheduling decisions are at the discretion of the campus and some courses are only available online.

Online Programs

A Queen’s Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Degree can be achieved fully online while maintaining your work and family life. There is no difference in how our online degrees are credited on your transcript or diploma. You can complete your degree through full-time study within 3 years, or you can take courses one or two at a time, or even skip a term… whatever works for you! We also have new certificates for those interested in adding Queen’s to the resume in a shorter timeframe.

Click on a program to view admission requirements. For admission requirements from other educational systems outside Ontario, please click here.

BA English (3 year)

When you study English online at Queen’s with this General BA, you’ll learn to read perceptively, analyze clearly, and above all communicate effectively. Read more about BA English (3 year)

BA Global Development Studies (3 year)

Learn about different strategies to craft positive social change through online courses that examine the multiple notions of freedom, democracy and progress that inform different visions of development. Read more about BA Global Development Studies (3 year)

BA History (3 year)

Today’s employment marketplace seeks people who are critically informed, culturally literate, capable of synthesizing information and adept at creating and managing knowledge. Read more about BA History (3 year)

BA Liberal Studies (3 year)

Explore how the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences have shaped much of our daily lives through online courses in four modes of critical thought: scientific inquiry and reasoning, insights into contemporary society and culture, critical perspectives on history, and academic writing. Read more about BA Liberal Studies (3 year)

BA Psychology (3 year)

What animal is the smartest? What persuasion techniques work best? How is your gender identity formed? These questions and more are explored through the study of development, cognition, motivation and social behaviour in this online general BA. Read more about BA Psychology (3 year)

BSc Life Sciences (3 year)

Develop a strong grounding in basic sciences like chemistry and biology, and then focus on the biomedical sciences such as human anatomy, physiology, microbiology, and pharmacology. Read more about BSc Life Sciences (3 year)

Certificate in Academic Writing (AWRI)

Our online Certificate in Academic Writing* offers Distance students the opportunity to enhance and accredit their writing skills, enabling them to communicate effectively and prepare for future writing tasks in both academic and professional contexts. Read more about Certificate in Academic Writing (AWRI)

Certificate in Media Studies (MDIA)

The online Certificate in Media Studies offers students the opportunity to develop and accredit their fluency in the foundations of media and cultural studies. Students will build practical creativity, communication, and critical thinking skills that can be applied in academic and professional contexts. Read more about Certificate in Media Studies (MDIA)

Certificate in Employment Relations (EMPR)

The Online Certificate in Employment Relations is designed as an additional credential to support those seeking entry level jobs in labour relations and human resources management. Students will be introduced to the theory, policy and legal frameworks behind the employment relationship, and how these can be applied to assess workplace challenges and problems. Read more about Certificate in Employment Relations (EMPR)

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