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Five Topics For Creating A Powerful Research Paper On Violent Video Games

Public conversation about violence in society is focusing more attention on video games. Critics say that these are sources of rage, while others protest that they are completely harmless. Violent video games are a legitimate subject for research and essays on the impact these leisure pursuits may have. Very powerful and influential discussions can be presented in dissertation or term paper format. These can include the following topics.

  1. The Effect of Video Games on Adolescent Behavior. This can explore the influence that video games are having on young people whose hormones are extremely active. Do games promote anger or are they simply diversions to let off steam?
  2. Are Video Games a Violent Fantasy World? Some people who are gamers will spend hours at a time playing the games. Are these healthy diversions or is the person creating a fantasy in which he or she gets even with people who have offended?
  3. What Effects Do Violent Video Games Have Our Thoughts? Do violent video games desensitize us to acts of anger in our society, or do they teach skills that can be used to cope with such behavior? The research paper can be a compare and contrast project, or take one side as opposed to the other.
  4. The Role of Parents. Should parents take an active interest in violent video games, such as determining which ones will be allowed in the house? Should they prohibit them entirely or ignore them as a harmless hobby?
  5. Violence as a Dominant Feature of Video Games. Is violence taking over the video game world? Is there a concern that games of strategy are being replaced by senseless video rage?

None of the above topics are ones that can be taken lightly. A good research project is going to require looking into the literature and examining various psychological studies. Any dissertation or essay on violent video games does serve a serious purpose. The content can educate the reader on various aspects of this type of leisure entertainment. It can possibly reduce any anxiety over the games, or alert to potential dangers.

The educational value of the content must not be underestimated. Violent video games are part of the leisure industry and are very popular with a certain segment of the consumer population. Any study into these type of video games and their impact is valuable both for the industry and for society at large. The topic deserves very serious consideration.

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Our Official List of Great Video Game Essay Topics

Any essay that you write should be well-written, accurate, and interesting to your audience. That begins with finding a great topic for your essay. Check out our list of the best essay topic ideas.В You should be able to write a great essay about gaming with one of these topics. If you struggle with it, you can alwaysВ buy essay about video games.

Topics on Social Issues

The topic of video games comes up quite frequently when various social topics are being discussed. If you are taking classes such as sociology, public health, political science, or journalism, your essay might focus on the many social issues relating to video games. Writing essays on violence in games is always an option, but there are others as well. Here are a few topic ideas:

Persuasive Essays Related to Social Issues

  • Do Violent Games Cause Behavior Problems?
  • Convince readers, in an essay about violence in games, that the average person will not be affected in a negative way.
  • Should video game ratings systems be more stringent?
  • Are parents ultimately responsible for what their kids play?
  • As a society, do we unfairly blame video games when we should be focusing on personal responsibility?

Narrative Essays on Video Games And Their Impact on Society

  • Write about a video game that you played as a child that was too violent for you
  • Have you ever been addicted to online gaming? What was that like.
  • Talk about an incident of harassment that you witnessed when playing online video games.
  • Write essays on violence in gaming and the impact of that in early dating relationships

Expository Essays on The Social Impact of Video Gaming

  • Write aВ short essayВ on the impact of video gaming on health and wellness
  • Compose a research paper that addresses the effects of allowing young children to do violent video games
  • Write a case study about a young adult who has never been exposed to video games vs. one who has been

General Essay Ideas That Relate to Social Issues

  • What should be done about sexism in gaming?
  • How can the gaming industry become more inclusive as a whole?
  • Why is sex and violence such a common theme in video games?
  • Does early exposure to video games impact the ability of children to self-regulate?
  • What are the biggest social problems related to gaming?

Video Game Essay Topics New Technology

If you are an avid gamer, you probably keep up with the latest technologies, reading specialized magazines, and eagerly await the latest and greatest releases. You may have even been part ofВ beta testing new things or involved in open source gaming projects. Most importantly, you likely have lots of knowledge and opinions on gaming technology. Check out these essay ideas:

Persuasive Essays on Gaming Technology

  • Will virtual reality impact video game technology or is it simply a fad?
  • Which release is causing the most buzz?
  • Streaming will replace consoles, yes or no?

Expository Essay Ideas on Gaming Technology

  • Pick an up and coming technology and explain how it works
  • Explain the history and development behind an upcoming technological advancement in video tech
  • Discuss the trend of gamers as designers

Other Video Technology Essay Ideas

  • Write a compare contrast essay on virtual reality in gaming vs. augmented reality
  • Write a review of a new gaming system that you have recently tried out.

Topics About Educational Games

Persuasive Essays on Video Games in Education

  • Should children spend more time focusing on lectures and hands on work than gaming?
  • Argue which educational video game parents of toddlers should choose
  • Video games have no place in education. Argue a side
  • Is gaming a possible solution when dealing with disengaged students?

Expository Essay Ideas For Gaming in Education

  • Explain how gaming is used in special education
  • Describe the features that make a game educational vs. entertainment
  • Research and explain the process educators use to integrate gaming into the classroom
  • Review the most popular educational games that have been released this year
  • Write a paper about the differences between educational games today vs. 10 or 20 years ago
  • Write a case study about a school that incorporated gaming into their classroomsВ В В

Essay Topics For Passionate Gamers

If you don’t find anything that interests you above, don’t fret. You can still improve your writing skills while expressing your passions for gaming. If you have an interest in gaming, you have many options when it comes to writing essays. This is especially true when it comes to classes where you have a bit more flexibility in your writing assignments. Check out these topic ideas:

  • Write a descriptive essay about the first gaming experience you have had
  • What are your predictions about the future of console gaming
  • What is the funniest thing that happened to you in an online gaming experience
  • What 10 worst things that impact the world of video gaming be opinionated!
  • Compare and contrast the first release of a video game with the most current
  • If you could invent a video game, what would it look like
  • Write a review of the most popular game available today

Remember that you must balance your passion for the topic of gaming with good writing skills and factual knowledge. However, there is always an option of buy essay from a different online source or a writer. You will still have to research, cite your sources, and do the other work that goes into writing a good paper. As always, if you need help with a gaming essay remember that we are available to help as we are top essay writing service. Happy gaming!

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25 Great Essay topics for Students

Writing an essay can be a daunting task for both teachers and students in terms of creating and crafting a high quality essay, and finally editing and grading them.

It seems though we may have overlooked one of the toughest steps in writing an essay and that is actually selecting an appropriate and interesting topic for your students.

Thankfully I have put together a list of 25 great essay topics that might just make that process a little easier. Enjoy. And remember to add any other great suggestions in the comment section below.

If you are still struggling with the essay writing process and need further guidance be sure to check out our definitive guide to writing a great essay.

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The College Video Essay

It’s not required – or even accepted – everywhere. But can it really help your chances with college admissions?

Every student is looking for ways to make their application stand out – to assure that he or she gets noticed against the thousands of other similar applicants.

Today, there’s a new method: The College Video Essay.

For years, they’ve been a staple of art school applications, and a requirement for film school hopefuls.

Now, the video essay is expanding out. Every year, more schools are accepting video essays – and students of every stripe are taking advantage. In an era that’s seen the number of applicants skyrocket – and hence personal interviews plummet – a video essay is a chance for students to give schools a little taste of their personalities… and just maybe make a stronger case for admission.

What’s more – from cell phones to webcams and point-and-shoots – students nowadays have the tools to quickly and easily create video essays.

How To Make A Video Essay

In most cases, students applying to colleges will post their videos on YouTube, then simply send the schools the link to the YouTube page that hosts their video. (Some students go as far as to send schools a DVD.)

Keep in mind, the video essay is a fairly new phenomenon, and as such, there aren’t many rules yet. But there are a few key points to guide you:

  • Be yourself. (Admissions counselors can usually tell if it’s a script written by parents, for example.)
  • Be concise and to the point (unless you’re going for something truly creative.)
  • Make sure the sound and overall quality of the video is adequate and without flaws.

That’s it. Your video need not be a polished gem – at least not yet. Colleges aren’t expecting that. They just would like to get a feel for who you are.

That said, don’t pour too much time into your video essay. While growing, the number of schools that accept them is small – and the number that accept them in lieu of a regular essay even less.

Amongst those schools, administrators admit that video essays rarely have any bearing on admission decisions. In fact, some colleges contend that – because the admissions process is 100% confidential – video essays made public on YouTube undermine that confidentiality.

That said, video essays are a nice way to get to know a student – and perhaps make the student memorable. But they’re not likely going to factor into the admissions process.

Hence, perhaps the biggest rule you have to keep in mind with your video essay: Don’t Get Consumed. If you skimp even one hour on another essay – or let a grade drop because you didn’t study enough, waiting for that perfect golden light – then you’ve done yourself a huge disservice.

At some point, video essays could become an integral part of any good application packet. But that day isn’t here yet, and likely won’t be for a few more years at least. If you’re so moved, by all means, explore your creative side with a video essay. After all, it can’t hurt your chances.

To your successful college pursuit,

Editor’s Note: Scott Weingold has been ranked the #1 “College Financial Aid Expert Worth Knowing About” in the entire country by He has co-authored the book, “The Real Secret To Paying For College. The Insider’s Guide To Sending Your Child To College – Without Spending Your Life’s Savings.” Scott also publishes a popular free online newsletter, “College Funding Made Simple" which reveals insider’s tips, methods, and strategies for beating the high cost of college.

Scott is the co-founder and a principal of the widely renown College Planning Network, LLC – the nation’s largest and most reputable college admissions and financial aid planning firm. CPN is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau, the National Association of College Funding Advisors, the National Association for College Admission Counseling, the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators and the Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education.

Scott, along with his college funding advisory team, helps thousands of families throughout the country with their college planning needs and offers a series of free educational webinars and workshops on “How To Pay For College Without Going Broke In The Process!” He’s been featured or mentioned in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Yahoo News,, Voice America with Ron Adams, Crains Cleveland Business, and on Cleveland Connection with James McIntyre. Scott has published numerous articles and is a professional speaker who has addressed thousands of audiences online and offline throughout the United States. His actionable insights and candid, open approach have earned him & his team numerous media interviews, citations, and speaking opportunities, and his free online video workshop is one of the Internet’s most widely viewed pieces in the college funding space.

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What Are Some Tips for College Admissions Video Essays?

Experts offer advice if you’re considering creating a video essay to accompany your college application.

By Unigo, Contributor | Dec. 7, 2011, at 9:30 a.m.

As if to make the college application process even more complicated, some schools have recently added the option of creating a video essay. Will schools be impressed by your juggling skills or ability to recite Shakespearean monologues? Our experts weigh in on the best practices for video essays.

Q: What are some tips regarding video admissions essays?

A: View recent videos, be original, script your idea, and edit thoroughly.

Ralph Becker, owner and director, Ivy College Prep LLC When submitting an optional video essay to Tufts University, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, George Mason University, or the College of William and Mary, first view some recent video submissions. The main tip, though, is to be you: Be original. Next, as with any production, write a script that incorporates the idea you want to get across. Third, pull together your resources and props before producing your video. Lastly, review your product and edit it thoroughly.

And here’s a clarification from William and Mary officials: “Although William & Mary is well known for being the first college or university to include a video prompt as part of its online application, W&M does not actively solicit video submissions from applicants. Some students have responded to our video with videos of their own, but these do not become an official part of their applications.”

A: Here are 7 steps to making a great video admissions essay.

Marjorie Shaevitz, author and founder, adMISSION POSSIBLE ® Using Tufts University, the best-known college to offer college applicants a video essay option, here are the steps to take:

1. Identify the question and any directions. Tufts says, “Prepare a one-minute video that says something about you. What you do or say is totally up to you.”

2. Brainstorm ideas about what you want to say.

3. Write a first draft script. Make it exceptional.

4. Collect visuals that help explain what you say.

7. Finally, record your script until it’s nearly perfect. Don’t forget: Make it 1 minute, no more or less.

A: Make sure a school welcomes them; then keep it brief!

Carol Morris, regional director of admissions, Southern Methodist University If a school encourages video essays, great—go for it. Do not do this, however, unless you are sure the school wants to see them. Many schools have growing numbers of applications, but the number of counselors reading them hasn’t necessarily changed, and they are jammed for time to get through them all by the deadlines. Anything beyond what the school specifically requests may not be seen at all, or it may be considered a hassle to retrieve and view in the time allotted to get through each file. Be mindful of the counselor’s time constraints and edit tightly for brevity!

See 10 more answers at the Unigo Expert Network for more about video essays and to have your own questions answered.

Updated on 12/12/11: This post has been updated to include a clarification from the College of William and Mary on its policy regarding video essays.

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