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Virtual reality (VR) is not a new concept, attracted much attention in the past few years. A large amount of media interest is rapidly growing. Very few people, however, actually know that VR is that its basic principles and open problems. In this article, a historical overview of virtual reality are, basic terms and classes of VR in the list, and then the introduction of this technology in science, work, and recreation centers.

Virtual Reality, meaning a false environment, but it can make people feel just like real-world. Using a variety of hardware and software to manipulate human senses to receive messages, helping the brain construct a fact capable of creating bogus real Maya, which is produced using high-tech virtual world a temporal or spatial variable,People in Virtual Reality and interact with virtual items, characters, and other computer technology, the biggest difference is in interactive, that is, between humans and machine has a feedback effect. The success of a virtual reality system, needs to also have high fidelity, interactive and interesting to the user feeling.

In the early 1990s, development in the field of virtual reality has become much more stormy and the term virtual reality has become extremely popular. We can hear about virtual reality in all kinds of media, people use this term very often and they abuse in many cases also. The reason is that this new, promising and fascinating technology captures people’s best interests that for example, computer graphics. The consequence of this State is that nowadays the border between 3D computer graphics and virtual reality becomes blurred.

Virtual Reality will undoubtedly attract people’s interest in the last few years. As a new user interface paradigm offers great advantages in many applications. It provides an easy, powerful, intuitive method of human-computer interaction, the user can view and manipulate the artificial environment in the same way we do in the real world, without any need to learn how complex user interface works. Therefore, many applications, such as flight simulators, architectural guidance or data visualization systems have been developed relatively quickly.

Modeling of virtual reality provides the possibility to watch in real time and in real space, that of the modeled object would look like.For interior designers, who have their thumbnails. They can change the colors, textures, and position of objects, watching instantly as everything around is going to look like.

Virtual Reality has also applied successfully to the modeling of surfaces. The advantage of this technology is that the user can see and even feel the surface shaped under his/her fingers. Although these works are pure laboratory experiments, it is to believe that large applications are possible in the industry for example, by the construction or improvement of forms of car or body of the aircraft directly in the virtual wind tunnel!

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Virtual Reality (Essay Sample)

Virtual reality is a computer technology that utilizes virtual reality headsets, sometimes in integration with actual spaces or multi projected surroundings to produce realistic sounds, images, and other sensations that trigger user’s actual presence in a virtual surrounding. A person utilizing the virtual reality tool is able to look around the fake universe and with high standard movement in it and socialize with virtual items. The virtual reality equipment is head mounted goggles fitted with a screen and placed in front of the eyes. Presentation may include sounds, audio through headphones, or speakers. This essay seeks to describe virtual reality and its significance in today’s life.

The exact beginning of virtual reality is argued partially because of how hard it has been to forge a meaning for the idea of an alternative being. Components of virtual reality arrived as early as in the 1860s. French inventive scriptwriter Antonin Artaud took the idea that fantasy was not different from reality, recommending that viewers at a play should exclude distrust and view the drama as reality. The initial source to the more present picture of virtual reality appeared from science fiction. The 1935 short narrative ‘Pygmalion’s spectacles’ by Stanley G. Weinbaums explains a goggle formed virtual reality setup with holographic data of imaginary adventures.

Virtual reality is important in modern life as it is used in many fields. One of the areas that utilize this cutting edge technology is video gaming. Many head mounted devices were released in 1990 for video gaming. Nintendo developed and released virtual boy and Virtual I-O developed and released iGlasses. Other companies that developed VR head sets are Cybermaxx which was behind Victormaxx and Forte Technologies which was behind the development

Of VFX1 Headgear. The best feature that the VR device has is the creation of fictional characters for playing games in the real world. The system has grown popular in modern online games such as the Vendetta Online by Guild Software Company.

Much has been expressed about virtual reality but the truth is that, it is widely used in many fields apart from video games. In cinema and entertainment, the virtual reality motion picture created for VR allows viewers to view a 360 degree surrounding in every section. Skybound and Fox Searchlight Pictures use VR cameras to make films and series that are responsive in VR. In social science and psychology, scientists and psychologists use virtual reality to research and recreate interactions in a contained environment. Research investigating emotions, perceptions, and physiological reaction within virtual reality demonstrate that controlled virtual surroundings can change how a person feels or reacts to stimuli. In clinical therapies and health care virtual reality helps in treating patients with anxiety disorders and phobias. Studies show that the Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy is combined with other behavioral therapy the symptoms of patients reduce.

In conclusion virtual reality is a computer technology that utilizes virtual reality headsets, sometimes in integration with actual spaces or multi projected surroundings. The virtual reality is designed to produce realistic sounds, images, and other sensations that trigger user’s actual presence in a virtual surrounding. A person utilizing the virtual reality tool is able to interact with the universe that is created. The exact beginning of virtual reality has been a debate and its components arrived as early as in the 1860s. Virtual reality is a cutting edge technology that is used in many fields today such as video gaming, health care and clinical therapies for patients, cinema and entertainment.

Virtual Reality essay

Virtual Reality. Custom Virtual Reality Essay Writing Service || Virtual Reality Essay samples, help

The growth of the economy and successful steps in the computer industry all over the world has created the conditions for the development of the new segment of technology. It found its quick development due to the rapid growth of the attention to this segment. It also created a possibility to quickly manipulate of the calculation and transform the information in the variety ways. The further progress of the computer technology prompted to the formation of special directions in this industry. One of such directions is a virtual reality. It is a simulation of the physical presence in imaginary and real world at the same time. All moves that the person is going to do by his real actions will be transformed at the same moves in the virtual world. Many developers of the virtual reality convinced that it will make a positive impact on the development of many industries and the humanity as a whole. However, there are many different opinions about this issue. The virtual reality could serve for the development of the many industries, but it also could serve in the creation of the dependence on the new technology. The virtual reality could lead to the degeneration of the human creativity, physical performance, affect personal behavior and lead to the addiction.

Virtual reality is an artificial reality, the reality of electronic, computerized model of reality. This is a created world by technical means and transmitted to humans through his senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch, and others. Virtual reality simulates the impact and response to the impact. The virtual reality is made in real time and creates a convincing sense of the reality of the complex computer synthesis properties and reactions. The virtual reality objects usually behave close to the behavior of similar objects of the material reality. The user can work on these facilities in accordance with the actual laws of physics (gravity, water properties, collision with objects, reflection, and so on). However, often for entertainment purposes, users of virtual world allow more than is possible in real life. They could fly or create any objects they want. The virtual reality was made to create a lifelike experience with the closest conditions to the real world.

The technology of the virtual reality is used to provide the effect of participation in the computer entertainment industry, which is reflected in the change of the situation on the screen, depending on the technical details of the implementation. With the handheld, the person can touch virtual objects that actually exist only in the memory of the computer system. Special costumes serve to transmit signals of muscular effort of person to a computer. It also forms the operator and sensory perception of the reactions of the environment. Seat platform and special cabin can create feelings of the moving bodies in space, such as flight or movement in the car on rough terrain (Cartwright, 1994). The virtual reality seems fantastic for today’s generation, but tomorrow may be quite ordinary.

Virtual reality as addiction

At first glance, it seems obvious advantage of use the virtual reality in training, as it provides a total immersion in the subject of study. In general, the computer training with the use of the virtual reality is a very intensive form. It could be considered as an accelerated accumulation of some kind of experience. However, the possibility of the human to adopt different skills and knowledge, apparently, is not endless. Therefore, during the training, we can face the phenomenon of over-training. It is a well-known fact among athletes and musicians, but is still relatively rare in the intellectual sphere. On the other hand, a positive effect of the training program will be achieved only if the model of the subject of training in virtual reality is adequate to the actual. Otherwise, harm from such training activity will be much more than good, because inadequate skills and sense of virtual reality secure in memory much better than other forms of learning. It is necessary to establish the appropriate branches of pedagogy that would deal with the study of the computer training forms and work out guidelines for software and hardware computer training (Grady, 1998).

Virtual reality quite easily converted from the professional, scientific, or the defense sector in the entertainment and is already widely used in the industry. In the entertainment segment, there is already a similar situation. The users are impressed by what they saw or heard much stronger, if they meet the attendance or participation in an event. The result will depend on the nature of the spectacle. If it is aimed at the development of intelligent, it could be achieved a positive effect. On the contrary, the depth of damage will be hard to imagine. The virtual death could be very real. Entertainment with the use of the virtual reality can be viewed as the process of taking a drug. It could be the strong effect of participation in the show, especially for a man with a fragile psyche. In additional, in a short period of time, it could also lead to the effect of the addiction. A long time without use of virtual reality will lead to the same effect as during the use of the chemicals drugs, except that there is no physical suffering. The absence of the physical suffering will be replaced by the significant discomfort and strong desire to stop any activity and use the virtual reality. The wide distribution of this technology in the entertainment industry we can compare with the spread of drugs.

The possibility of the world that could be looked as you want is very simply to embody. You can easily fill this world with any objects and events that are secret and forbidden. This opportunity is a very strong and potent tool. This world could be ephemeral, but it only yours. The strangers are not welcome and do not have the access to it. You are absolute lord and arbiter. You can punish and pardon. You can destroy everything to the ground or build the perfect and suitable for you environment. The fact of the escaping from the surrounding reality may be preferable than taking any drugs. However, this fact may lead to the problem that related to the change of the personal behavior. Only, at first sight, the addicted user of the virtual reality is less danger to the public than usual. When the user is accustomed to the all-powerful and all-permissiveness in its own world, he forgets to take it as a virtual. It cannot be imagined for him, as it is full of objects and events. It is created by his hands and mind. He will behave in the society likewise in the virtual reality. People are drifting away from the real world, in preference to a virtual world, where there are no problems and dangers. There are no responsibilities and concerns of the real world.

Impact on the personal behavior

The virtual reality is definitely changes the psyche and behavior of the people. In virtual reality users can clearly lose the orientation in the realities of life and can have a lack of understanding of the world in which they currently exist. People who like to spend their spare life in the virtual world become less responsible for their social life. They pay less attention to the social problems and do not associate themselves as a part of the society (Kershner, 1995). If people pay attention to the virtual world they have less time on the real world that they had before. It means that they would provide less result in any activity due to the lack of time. Users would not want to share with their virtual life with anybody else. It would make them less interactive and hidden members of the society. This could have an impact on their attitude to the relatives, friends and members of the family. As a result, it would change their interest in the formation of the family and interest to find a better job opportunity and so on. Virtual reality destroys a person identity, enhancing the dissociative forces that threaten the integrity of the human person. The feelings of the past, present and future are unclear. “The overpowering stimulation and excitement that virtual reality produces can lull the imagination and numb sympathetic feelings for pain and suffering” (Daisaku, 2001).

Impact on children and creativity

Before take a look how the virtual reality as a new technology influence people and make them to lose their essential creativity, we should observe the impact of other technologies. Let’s take a look to a very simple example. For this, we have to go back in time, when people did not use such device as calculator. The process of calculation was taking some time. However, during this process we used our mind. When the calculator came in our life, the math process became in many times quicker. It saved our time and made the calculation even more accurate. However, what happened to us. We got used to it. With time, we lost our ability to make the calculation in our mind. With this technology we obtained the quick operation result of the calculation, but we lost in terms of the making the operation with math in our mind. In the case of the virtual reality, we see the same result. Something we get, but something we also lose. We lose our essential creativity. The process of the virtual reality is supposed to limit the interpersonal activity of its users. While you operate in your virtual reality, you are spending time along. There are many online courses and multimedia classrooms that could learn you something. Taking those courses, you can learn the material in a narrow way. The knowledge of the information would be limited by the program. You would not hear other opinions about this issue. There is no opportunity for you to express your position during the education process. In this case, you act like a consumer without rights. It is obvious that virtual environment could accelerate the educational process. However, the result in the intellectual growth will undermine the moral, social and emotional development of the population. “The virtual reality will provide a communication environment in which the dangers of deception and the benefits of creativity are amplified beyond the levels that humans currently experience in their interpersonal interactions” (Biocca, 1995).

The impact of the virtual reality is especially visible in the younger generation. It is very dangerous for young generation. It is very easy to break the line for them between virtual and reality world. Most of them use the virtual reality in computer games. They have the second life over there. The active participation in these games makes the influence on their essential creativity. They are developing the creativity in the virtual world, but they spend less time on this in the real world. Everything that they would learn in the virtual reality will be not possible to apply in the real situations. Those skills to create virtual world will stay with them over there. The result of the virtual activity is only entertainment for them. Children more and more time spend in the virtual reality. It means that this time they could not spent on sport, educational process, readings books, interaction with other children. It means that they could not spend this time on the development of their essential creativity. Moreover, the visual effects of the virtual reality are much brighter and colorful. After them, the real world seems not attractive anymore. It seems gloomier, when children realize that in the virtual reality you can easier obtain more results than in the real life. This fact turns children back to the virtual world. “Virtual reality could lead to low self-esteem, feelings of worthlessness and insignificance in children, even self-destructive acts”.

Impact on physical performance

The abuse of the virtual reality could lead to the decline in physical performance. Instruments and devices that are used for the creation of the virtual reality have a negative impact on the human body as a threat to his health. There are disturbing factors of disorientation in humans after the work on the simulator of the virtual reality until the time when the body returns to its previous state. The resulting effect is similar to being drunk with all ensuing consequences. Changes in coordination, maintaining balance and reflexes are equivalent to what happens when the alcohol content in the blood exceeds the safety standard. Scientists have long been aware of the facts of feelings of the disorientation and nausea in professionals who use flight simulators and other tools of the simulating reality. The effect of the training cabins is much greater. The force on the mind and the body increases in many times. Professionals who have to be in the virtual reality for several hours experience the problems with the health (Heim, 1993).

Thus, the technology of the virtual reality is apparently the most powerful tool of the psychological impact on people. It certainly will be widely used in various spheres of social practice. However, like any powerful tool, these technologies pose a serious threat to the physical and mental health of the society. The negative results of the virtual reality use could be loss of the control, a syndrome of social isolation, declining in the academic performance, climbing into debt, job loss and problems inside the family.

Virtual reality essay

Virtual Reality (VR), also known as ‘artificial reality’, ‘artificial worlds’, ‘virtual worlds’, ‘virtualities’, is a fully-immersive, absorbing, interactive experience of an alternate reality through the use of a computer structure in which a person perceives a synthetic (i.e., simulated) environment by means of special human-computer interface equipment and interacts with simulated objects in that environment as if they were real. Several persons can see one another and interact in a shared synthetic environment.

VR can be considered as a visual form of cyberspace.

VR represents computer interface technology that is designed to leverage our natural human capabilities. Today’s familiar interfaces – the keyboard, mouse, monitor, and GUI – force us to adapt to working within tight, unnatural, two-dimensional constraints. VR changes that. VR technologies let you interact with real-time 3D graphics in a more intuitive, natural manner. This approach enhances your ability to understand, analyze, create and communicate.

A VR system lets you experience data directly. For example, today’s advanced interfaces let you look and move around inside a virtual model or environment, drive through it, lift items, hear things, feel things, and in other ways experience graphical objects and scenes much as you might experience objects and places in the physical world.

As a result, VR serves as a problem-solving tool that lets us accomplish what was previously impossible. It’s also a communications medium, and, ultimately, an artistic tool/medium.

The concept of VR has become in many ways a repository for our culture’s dreams of disembodiment, of escape from the limitations of the material body. VR may one day make possible the long list of physically impracticable dreams including: “experiencing an expansion of our physical and sensory powers; getting out of the body and seeing ourselves from the outside; adopting a new identity; apprehending immaterial objects. being able to modify the environment through either verbal commands or physical gestures; seeing creative thoughts instantly realized.” While the actual technology has not yet been able to fulfill these desires, the dreamed of possibilities have clearly established a life of their own within our present cultural imagination.

We may not use the phrase “virtual reality” in ten years, but by then, everybody working with 3D graphics will do so with these intuitive interfaces.

Used today in architecture, engineering and design, tomorrow in mass-market entertainment, surrogate travel, virtual surgery and cybersex, by the next century ‘VR’ will have transformed our lives.

— Howard Rheingold (in Virtual Reality , 1991).

Virtual Reality won’t merely replace TV. It will eat it alive.

A VR is a computer world that tricks the senses or mind. A virtual glove might give you the feel of holding your hand in water or mud or honey. A VR cybersuit might make you feel as if you swam through water or mud or honey. VR grew out of cockpit simulators used to train pilots and may shape the home and office multimedia systems of the future. The idea of advanced VR systems as future substitutes for sex and drugs and classroom training is the stock and trade of modern science fiction or ‘cyberpunk’ writing.

— Bart Kosko (in Fuzzy Thinking , 1993)

The whole thing with Virtual Reality is that you’re breeding reality with other people. You’re making shared cooperative dreams all the time. Eventually, you make your imagination external and it blends with other people’s. Then you make the world together as a form of communication.

— Jaron Lanier (in “Scratching Your Eyes Back In: John Perry Barlow Interviews Jaron Lanier”, Mondo 2000, Issue 2, 1990)

This will represent the greatest event in human evolution. For the first time, mankind will be able to deny reality and substitute its own preferred version.

Links & References

Reality for Cybernauts An essay about Virtual Reality by Sergio Sismondo. VR as a metaphysical laboratory. What is authentic and what is not?

Virtual Reality FAQ VR Frequently Asked Questions answered by Silicon Graphics.

Virtual Reality Glossary VR terminology from A to Y by Silicon Graphics.

Virtual Reality MAWS Thesis The Polychromatic Girl Confronts the Virtual Boy: Questoning the Construction of Gender in Virtual Reality. Virtual Cyborgs, Into Other Flesh, Lawnmover Men, Virtual Boys and Polychromatic Girls.

By Michele Ierardi Ferrari.

What Is Virtual Reality? Definitions, VR types, VR hardware and software.

Applications Of Virtual Reality

Many people are familiar with the term ‘virtual reality’ but are unsure about the uses of this technology. Gaming is an obvious virtual reality application as are virtual worlds but there are a whole host of uses for virtual reality – some of which are more challenging or unusual than others.

Where is virtual reality used?

Here is a list of the many applications of virtual reality:

Some of these will be more familiar than others but visit any of these to find out more about a particular use of virtual reality.

There are many more uses of VR than first realised which range from academic research through to engineering, design, business, the arts and entertainment.

But irrespective of the use, virtual reality produces a set of data which is then used to develop new models, training methods, communication and interaction. In many ways the possibilities are endless.

The only stumbling blocks are time, costs and technological limitations. Virtual reality systems such as a CAVE system are expensive and time consuming to develop. Plus there are issues of ergonomics, specifically the need to design systems which are ‘user friendly’ and not likely to cause problems such as motion sickness.

But if these problems are solved then there is an exciting future for virtual reality.

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