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Wake Forest University Undergraduate College Application Essays

These Wake Forest University college application essays were written by students accepted at Wake Forest University. All of our sample college essays include the question prompt and the year written. Please use these sample admission essays responsibly.

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College Application Essays accepted by Wake Forest University

Passion for Life Gavin Wolf

Wake Forest University

My academic passion is learning; from the trivial to the essential, I am excited by all. Until my sophomore year of high school I was completely unaware of the best feeling in the world, that of learning and embracing a new idea or concept that.

Naturally Beautiful James G. LaRonde

Wake Forest University

Demanding to be looked at, the unique landscape of Zion National Park presents an imposing image of unforgettable beauty to its beholder. It may not be contained in the Louvre, but I consider it a masterpiece nonetheless. It is not that I do not.

Fufilling One's Potential Gavin Wolf

Wake Forest University

Does education have a value? Not one that is measurable. From my four years in college I expect to receive a wealth of knowledge and skill commensurate to the countless hours of hard work and dedication I intend to put into it. I believe my four.

"All That Matters" Anonymous

Wake Forest University

No matter how old I grow, the meaning of friendship has always remained the same – loyalty, sympathy, understanding, and unwavering support. I learned this lesson early in life, back when my best friend’s trampoline was the cornerstone of my.

"The Heart of Empathy" Anonymous

Wake Forest University

In my eyes, the essence of Pro Humanitate, “for humanity,” lies directly in the word itself – human. The most important thing to remember about ourselves is that we are all human. Infinitely diverse in our nationalities, experiences, political.

Expanding Knowledge to the Human World: Pro Humanitate Mary Kathryn Cornwell

Wake Forest University

Music has played an important role in the developement of my esteem and character. When I was in middle school band, I can remember my teacher making our class do breathing exercises, playing tests, and scales over and over in order for us to.

Silence in Community Mary Kathryn Cornwell

Wake Forest University

“So in America when the sun goes down and I sit on the old broken-down river pier watching the long, long skies over New Jersey and sense all that raw land that rolls in one unbelievable huge bulge over to the West Coast, and all that road going.

Piano Conquest Anonymous

Wake Forest University

It was a crisp, clear January day in Park Ridge, New Jersey, a few miles from the middle of nowhere. Before me stood an imposing sight: Schubert’s Impromptu. With a length of fourteen pages and a required foundation of meticulous technical skills.

The Power of Pain Olivia Hudson Gray

Wake Forest University

I steal into her room when she is away. Borrowing make-up, clumsily applying too much blush, stabbing myself in the eye with mascara, and slicking on foundation like icing, I proceed with one goal: to be my big sister. She is the older one, the.

The Recipe Olivia Hudson Gray

Wake Forest University

Chocolate Pecan Pie

Press together two shells in a 9 x 13 (double filling) pan

6 eggs, lightly beaten

1 c. lt. corn syrup

4 oz. unsweetened choc. melted

2 c. broken pecans

Pour in shell and bake in 400.

I Am Not A Runner Olivia Hudson Gray

Wake Forest University

I am not a runner, but I do it anyway to improve my fitness and endurance. Forcing my size nine feet into pink Pumas and my body into shorts and a tee is an arduous task, but I do it anyway. “I must.” I pound the pavement, driving each foot.

Atrocity in Paradise Jordan Curry

Wake Forest University

The finely milled sand was white-hot, almost as if a billion microscopic pieces of the sun had rained down and settled beneath the soles of my feet. As I scanned the beach, I took a deep breath of the muggy air, letting the dampness settle in my.

Leadership Anonymous

Wake Forest University

Society must work together. People must endeavor to do everything they can so as to ensure that humanity upholds valuable ethics and a strong sense of goodwill. The I Club, sponsored by Rotary International, seeks to accomplish these goals on a.

A Look into the Future Lena Mason

Wake Forest University

I come from a small town in a small world; but this small world has a window, beyond which lays a larger world that I have quietly been watching ever since I can remember. From this world a dream was born of seeing new places, meeting new people.

Books Anonymous

Wake Forest University

Man’s Search for Meaning – Viktor Frankl

A Tale of Two Cities – Charles Dickens

The Prince – Machiavelli

Outliers – Malcolm Gladwell

Art of War – Sun Tzu

Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning spoke to me on a deeper, more emotional level than.

How Art Connected My Life Isabella Pittman

Wake Forest University

My story begins in what was once an artist’s commune, the Monterey area, an unending canvas of serene beauty. I vividly recall the vibrant colors and the fragrant air as I sat along the coast, watching the crashing waves bleed into the Santa Lucia.

Familiarity Anonymous

Wake Forest University

“Entonces, Max, ¿dime porque has venido a España?”

I stared blankly at my host Dad while trying to catch a glimpse of how large his moustache really was, as he glanced over his shoulder towards me, his car narrowly avoided the oncoming traffic.

The American Maxwell Roth

Wake Forest University

The American, Henry James

Unbroken, Laura Hillenbrand

For Whom the Bell Tolls, Ernest Hemingway

A God in Ruins, Kate Atkinson

The Boys in the Boat, Daniel James Brown

In The American, Christopher Newman, an American expatriate in France in the.

Outlets of Sound Anonymous

Wake Forest University

Every time I strap on a guitar, a joyous juxtaposition of feeling washes over me. Sweet harmony glides on a smooth, still surface of my mind, while nervous anticipation rumbles underneath in a tumultuous undercurrent. Behind the neck of this.

Battle Scars Anonymous

Wake Forest University

Of all markings that can grace the human body — above moles, freckles, or even tattoos — scars hold the most meaningful anecdotes. They display proudly won battles and mistakes on the individual who bears them. I have a few scars myself, the.

A Sociologist's Responsibility Anonymous

Wake Forest University

I don’t usually get excited over lengthy essays. But when my Sociology teacher assigned a six-page response to Herbert Mead’s theory of self, I was elated. Mead’s theory, in short, describes how we humans act as mirrors. Our own self-perceptions.

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Wake Forest Essay

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In the Wake of the Plague

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Wake Forest Essay

. Four years from today, I may be a senior at the Wake Forest University, one of the most prestigious universities in the nation. Four years from today I will be filling out applications for law school. Four years from today I will still be myself. Four years from now I will still be the quirky, eccentric, fool with a balance impairment. I know I will still select an eos chapstick over nutella any day. I know that I will make time for God in my life. And I know that I will volunteer and help those younger than me in any way that I can. I know these things because they are my values. They are a part of who I am, they are permanently engrained in my being. My values, they are what allow me to face the world. “I do what I have to do because it is the right thing to do” (Freedom Writers) I know I am going to change the world. I want to change things, to make them happen! I don’t know if I may start a revolutionary idea, or maybe just impact one person. But I truly want to. Perhaps these are simply the effects the encouraging words of my sociology teacher that has always told me that I can make a difference. I have donated over one thousand hours of community service in the four years along of high school with the simple selfish reason of being remembered. I don’t want to be remembered as “that tutor that helped me read better in Spanish” or the friendly assistant teacher at my Sunday school. I want to be the friend that told them that their dreams could come true. I cannot.

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Tropical Forest

. ground grow their plants. Sometime the fertilizer washes into the nearby stream. This affects the fishes and the other living things in the stream. Another issues is the cattle pastures that they put on the land is destroying the land. The movement of the castles over the land causes the soil to become dense. When the soil becomes dense it kills the root of the grass. Stewardship and Sustainability is very important for the Amazon Rainforest to survive. We all need to have someone direct us to what is needed to be done to keep the Amazon Rainforest from being destroyed by deforestation. We will all have to do what we can do to help with the sustainability of the Amazon by curving some of the deformation of the forest. We all got to remember that Amazon Rainforest’s forests absorb greenhouse gases, methane emissions, and nitrous oxide emissions. This helps to filter the air that we all needs to breathe. When mankind destroys the planet it hurts everything on the planet because deforestation destruction is permanent. The Amazon can be saved with a lot of planning. We all need to start using natural products. Natural products use help to keep many bad things out of the environment. Land reforms are another thing that might help. The government should put restrictions on the owners of the land. Works Cited Bulter, R. (2012). Impact of Industrial Agriculture in Rainforests. Tropical Rainforest. Wright, R. (2008). Current Issues and History of Environment Service.

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Forest Hill

. ISSN 1940-204X ISSN 1940-204X Forest Hill Paper Company Thomas L. Albright University of Alabama Introduction Forest Hill Paper Company (FHPC) is a small, closely-held paperboard manufacturer that produces a broad line of paperboard in large reels, termed parent rolls. These parent rolls are sold to converters who further process them into containers used for a diverse line of consumer products, such as packaging for microwavable meals. The owners of FHPC have long pursued the strategy of producing a full range of products. As a small company competing against large companies in a commodity market, management believes Forest Hill must offer a full range of both products and services. Thus, Forest Hill’s strategy is to create a niche based on service and rapid response to customer needs. While product diversity within a paperboard plant would not be apparent to a casual observer, subtle differences exist. For example, paperboard differs by basis weight (thickness determined by caliper measurements) for a specified length of product. Additionally, paperboard may be uncoated or coated with an opaque, white clay-based material that masks cosmetic flaws and smooths surface variability. Customers are increasingly concerned with surface variability because an extremely smooth finish is required to accommodate complex printed designs on the completed paperboard container or carton. FHPC produces 20 different grades of paperboard. Some grades are produced in large.

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The Forest People

. receive in return. Turnbull discovered that this method is how they Pygmies trade with the villagers. When the Pygmies trade their meat with the villagers they are guaranteed to receive tobacco and palm in return. Turnbull also made observations regarding the Pygmies relationship to the forest. The Pygmies feel as if they are good to the forest then the forest will supply them with plentiful amounts of food. Another observation made by Turnbull was the fact that there are no leaders and no social classes. He wondered how the Pygmies remained so peaceful. From observing the Pygmies he realized that the ways they enforce the laws is truly incredible. They have sets rules that they all must follow and by not following the few simple rules can result in banishment. Turnbull though that crime rate and criminal activity would be great, but was he dead wrong. The Pygmies know that they cannot survive in the forest alone so they are not likely to disobey the laws. Though the Pygmies are not perfect, by any means, they live in relative harmony with their world, have close social relationships, and have no major social problems. They find security and they value people, family, the forest, community, and sharing – not material possessions.

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Forest Fragments

. Forest Fragments – Assignment Questions The ‘Forest Fragments’ Assignment is an individual assignment, completed and submitted individually to the dropbox PART II: Data Interpretation (9 marks) Examine the data you collected and the calculations you made to answer the following questions: 2.1 What extra information is included in the Shannon’s Diversity Index (vs. richness), and how is this information useful? Why would a scientist use Shannon’s Diversity Index in addition to a richness value? (2 marks) Shannon’s Diversity Index accounts for not only the number of species in a habitat (species richness) but also the evenness of the species within that same habitat. A scientist would use Shannon’s Diversity Index in addition to a richness value because the richness value does not depict the evenness of the habitat, whereas Shannon’s Diversity Index shows both the species richness and the evenness. 2.2 Compare the richness value for your plot with the richness value based on the data collected from all the groups in your Seminar section. Now compare the richness value based on the data collected from all the groups in your Seminar section to the richness value for the entire Dairy Bush (found in the spreadsheet). Explain why these three richness values might be different. (2 marks) The richness value for my plot was a lot less than the richness value collected for my seminar section. The richness value for my seminar section was less than the richness value.

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Forest Hill

. How would you classify Forest Hill Paper Company in terms of size and ownership? What is the nature of the industry in which Forest Hill competes? A cyclical economic environment Identify and discuss the strategy used by Forest Hill to compete in a commodity market. Forest Hill’s strategy is to create a niche based on service and rapid response to customer needs. What are some examples of complexity that drive overhead costs for Forest Hill? Paperboard differs by basis weight for a specified length of product. Additionally, paperboard may be uncoated or coated with an opaque, white clay-based material that masks cosmetic flaws and smooths surface variability How does the current system capture manufacturing costs and assign them to products? (Prove the overhead rate is 105% of material cost.) Product costs at Forest Hill were calculated by multiplying the overhead rate by material costs. Calculate the volume-based (traditional) cost per reel for grades A-D identified in Exhibit 1. MOH DM Total per reel A=4800*1.05=5040 4800 9840 B=5200*1.05=5460 5200 10660 C=5600*1.05=5880 5600 11480 D=7400*1.05=7770 7400 15170 What is the cost for Forest Hill to conduct a grade change? 47000/(50+2+35+175)=$150.64 What is the cost for Forest Hill to slit a reel of paperboard? As shown in Exhibit 1, only products A and C are routinely slit. For purposes of your analysis, assume the slitting equipment must be set up and.

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Forest People

. Cultural Anthropology March 8, 2015 Turnbull’s The Forest People Turnbull’s The Forest People, is a book written about the Pygmy’s culture and how people living in this tribe survived. Colin Turnbull decided to evoke on a journey where he analyzes this interesting lives of the Pygmies. Throughout the story we find several key components that give us more of an understanding about each valuable thing that the Pygmies do everyday. This can be found from the way they eat with portions to the way they raise their children with tender and love. Even though each component is extremely different then what we do in today’s society, there are definitely some valuable lessons that can be learned through reading and understanding the Pygmies culture. The Pygmies have one rule to follow when thinking about gathering food, “No one goes to bed hungry”. This quote is interpreted exactly the way it is written. When the men and women typically go out to hunt, which is normally one time every week or two weeks, they always keep the amount they are feeding in mind. Unlike Americans, who normally go out and prepare food for just their family or household, the Pygmy’s make sure that every single individual in their tribe is fed. It is very rare to hear about women helping the men hunt but it is a refreshing thing to hear that they take part in this responsibility. The job of the women is not actually to kill the game but they simply put the net around it.

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. A Wake Up Call Acts 21:24; 22:6-10 Paul job was to persecute, punish, and to kill Christians until the Lord got his attention with a wake up call. On his was to Damascus, suddenly there shone a light from heaven. It was so bright that it knocked him off his beast unto the ground. He then heard a voice saying unto him, “Saul why persecutest thou me?” And the Lord said, “Arise and go into Damascus and there it shall be told thee of all things which are appointed for thee to do.” Many of you know the rest of the story of how the Lord got Paul’s attention. God has a way of getting our attention. No matter how much you run away from Him. Just like Paul, sometimes the Lord has to knock you off your beast. (Re-worded: You may walk around thinking you’re better than others. But until He wakes you up, you will not know what the Lord wants you to do.) He wants to prepare you for the job that he has for you to do. He wants you to be a chosen vessel. God loves you Saints. He loves us so much that he wouldn’t allow us to be destroyed. That’s just how good and awesome our God is. Understand Jesus would like your attention just like your parents would. When you say I love you, Jesus would like to hear that from us too. Our Father in heaven needs to hear this—just say I love you. Jesus, I love you Lord. Jesus can turn your life around. If you let him, he can turn your whole life around. Remember, just like Paul, Jesus knows what’s good for you. He will take.

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. To: Group 2 From: Britany Kouba Date: 9/24/2015 Subject: Forest Hill Paper Company Forest Hill Paper Company is a small closely-held manufacturing company that produces paperboard in large reels. Their strategy is to produce a full range of products and to create a niche by focusing on customer service and rapid response to customer needs. The company is currently producing twenty different grades of paperboard. Forest Hill competes against large companies in a commodity market, which is why they strive for having a variety of products and services. One issue facing the company is that paperboard industry’s demand fluctuates every three or four years. Therefore, the company will have large orders for a couple years and then minimal orders for a couple years. During the high demand years, the demand for paperboard exceeds the company’s capacity. Additionally, market share for domestic paperboard is declining as trends are growing for plastic and more environmentally friendly grades of paperboard. Forest Hill also has a large variety of products with different costs. Some of their products use more materials and take a longer time to produce, making the cost higher. As a team, we should look at how the company is figuring out costs for each product and understand the costs that come with manufacturing the different products. We should also look at how slitting and grade changes affect cost. The team needs to look at what the cost drivers are. Within the next.

Words: 403 – Pages: 2

Forest Hill

. ISSN 1940-204X Forest Hill Paper Company Thomas L. Albright University of Alabama IntroductIon minimal inventories. Production schedules are driven by two factors: market demand and the theoretically optimal production schedule. The optimal production schedule is designed to reduce waste associated with grade changes by producing successive batches with minor differences in basis weight. Forest Hill Paper Company (FHPC) is a small, closely-held paperboard manufacturer that produces a broad line of paperboard in large reels, termed parent rolls. These parent rolls are sold to converters who further process them into containers used for a diverse line of consumer products, such as packaging for microwavable meals. The owners of FHPC have long pursued the strategy of producing a full range of products. As a small company competing against large companies in a commodity market, management believes Forest Hill must offer a full range of both products and services. Thus, Forest Hill’s strategy is to create a niche based on service and rapid response to customer needs. While product diversity within a paperboard plant would not be apparent to a casual observer, subtle differences exist. For example, paperboard differs by basis weight (thickness determined by caliper measurements) for a specified length of product. Additionally, paperboard may be uncoated or coated with an opaque, white clay-based material that masks cosmetic flaws and smooths.

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